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Educational Videos

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The following website: relates to various aspects within the educational context. From subject based activities, class room management techniques and digging right into meeting the childrens’ needs. Hope you find it useful.

You also have the following link about educational videos. It would be useful for early primary years!




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Here are some photos taken during our gardening activities last Tuesday. Jose Caballero (Maths Teacher) kindly gave us some Aloe Vera to plant around the school. We planted them around the walled gardens near the teachers room and bordering our garden. The students enjoyed planting them and learning about the properties of this wonderful plant.

Happy Valentine!!

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On February 14th, we ‘celebrated’ St. Valentine’s Day. We made our own Valentine’s cards solving a few rhymes. If you think you are good enough to solve them, here you have some!! Have fun!!!!



A Valentine’s color that rhymes with bed.

A Valentine’s color that rhymes with sink.

The archer of love that rhymes with stupid.

Something you give that rhymes with lift.

Something you give that rhymes with yard.

What cupid shoots that rhymes with go.

An emotion that rhymes with glove.

A long, long time that rhymes with clever.

A Valentine’s symbol that rhymes with art.

Something sweet that rhymes with dandy.

What couples do that rhymes with miss.

Strong emotion that rhymes with fashion.

A feeling of happiness that rhymes with toy.

A way to hold someone that rhymes with bug.

The taste of chocolate that rhymes with heat.




Practising for FCE

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If you are teaching your students for the First Certificate Test, here you have a wonderful website full of different resources to practise all parts from the test.
You just need to select the category to work with and… get your best results!!!


Hi there,
here you have! it´s a link to the website I use quite often to look for word searches, crosswords, games, quizzes and other type of theme worksheets. It contains a lot of vocabulary so I think that everyone can find something suitable. The worksheets can be used as a good warm-up or closure activity for both primary and secondary students. The website also has some activities for more advanced students. 
I hope you like it!


Practising for PET!

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In the following website you’ll find different tips that may be used when students are writing friendly letters or formal letters. It may be useful for PET exams. I hope you may give it some use! 



Primary Games Website

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Came across this online primary games website:

It relates to speaking and grammar.


Relative sentences in German

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Hi there,
This link is about the relative sentences in German and its use. We have worked with them in Bachillerato.


Learning the Akkusativ

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Hi there,
This one is about the use of the accusative (Akkusativ) with the definite and the indefinite article. There is  an interesting exercise where students have to distinguish it from the nominative (Nominativ). We have worked these exercises in 2 ESO.



Body Parts in German

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Hi there,

here you have a funny link which has to do with the parts of the body in German. We revised them in 1 ESO.