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Happy Halloween!!!

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Halloween is here!!!

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Halloween is round the corner! Don’t know what to do with your kids?? what about becoming a chef for a day?! In the following websites you will find excellent Halloween recipes that you can do with your students! It’s great to practise imperatives and verbs and vocabulary related to food, measure and kitchen tools!

Hope you enjoy it!!


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Verbs wheel!!

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Dear all,
In the following link you may reinforce the use of irregular verbs with this funny irregular verb wheel game where students will have to guess the infinitive, simple past and participle. It may be used to play in class. I hope you enjoy it!

Talking about the future!

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Students from 1º ESO are currently learning how to express future plans. I have found this website that offers some exercises related to the use of will, going toand present continuous  to talk about future plans. This website does not only include online exercises but also worksheets to download. I´m going to recommend it to my students who will need some reinforcement related to expressing the future.

Passive Voice!

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 Here´s the link to the website related to passive voice. I´m introducing passive voice with all the tenses in 4th ESO at the moment. This website offers some explanations and examples of the use of this grammar issue. Apart from theory ss have a variety of online exercises related to different tenses in passive voice as well as the final tests to check the general knowledge of it. I´m sure it will be very useful for them.


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On the following website there are different activities related to ancient Egypt. Students can reinforce and work on different contents related to history that might be funny. If there is time, it might be a very useful resource. I hope you give it a good use!

DELE Exams

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DELE (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the official accreditation of the degree of fluency of the Spanish Language, issued and recognised by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.  The Instituto Cervantes is the institution in charge of organising the exams, while the University of Salamanca is in charge of the preparation, correction and final evaluation of all the tests.

We give you the opportunity to prepare for the DELE test in a course to prepare fo them on Saturdays. The DELEs are divided into three levels depending on the language level:

  • Diploma de Español A1
    This accredits the sufficient linguistic competence to understand and use daily expressions frequently used in any part of the Spanish-speaking world, aimed at satisfying immediate needs; asking and giving basic personal information about yourself and daily life and interacting on a basic level with speakers, whenever they are speaking slowly and clearly and are willing to cooperate.
  • Diploma de Español A2
    This accredits that the candidate is capable of understanding daily phrases and expressions frequently used related to areas of experience which are particularly relevant to them (basic information about yourself and your family, shopping, places of interest, occupations, etc.).
  • Diploma de Español (Nivel Inicial – B1)
    Intermediate-mid/threshold level 
    This accredits sufficient knowledge of the language to allow control in situations which require an elementary use of the language.
  • Diploma de Español C1
    This accredits the sufficient linguistic competence to cope in common situations of daily life which require a specialized use of the language. (November 2010).
  • Diploma de Español (Nivel Superior – C2)
    Superior level
    This accredits an advanced knowledge of the language allowing communicaton in all situations requiring advanced use of the language and a knowledge of cultural background.

This week our manager and principal together with the coordinators of the Languages Department have signed an agreement with the local authorities in order to promote these exams in our town. Here you have some pictures about it!

You can have more information at:

Road Safety!

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Hi there!
We have been studying about service jobs and road safety in 3ºEP. We had a lovely class outside practising road safety using a traffic light and some pretend vehicles.
Students learnt new vocabulary such as traffic warden and all the traffic signs like no over taking and warning pedestrians.
Enjoy it!

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Like every year, when students come back from holidays, they have some difficulties to remember vocabulary worked in the last year.  The students from 6th grade found a special form to revise the vocabulary related with CLOTHES.

First, they made a collage in the notebook with cuttings or drawings labeling the different pieces of clothes.

Then, in groups, they designed their own clothes. One student of each group was the model and the rest the designers. They could also wear accessories such as flowers etc.  After a walkabout in the classroom the members of the group explained what the model was wearing, the name of the model and a creative name of the creation.

For the students this was a very funny class.  They revised in an entertaining form presentations, vocabulary of the clothes with the gender, possessive articles (sein / ihr), possessive pronouns (er / sie) and the correct use of verbs, including separable verbs (anhaben, sein, tragen, haben, etc.)

They loved it!


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Hi everyone,

During this term our 4th grade students are learning about continents and different countries in each continent. For this purpose, students have read some information about countries around the world and they have created some projects with this information and some pictures. This activity is included in our Gotcha’s project for this term called, “Exploring”.  Some students decorated their posters beautifully!

Students have chosen different countries as for example, Greece, Thailand and Morocco but, China is the most popular country among students, as you can see in the photos!


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