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Hi everyone,

This week we have been talking about school and Y12 Students created their ideal school by creating 3D models. Then, they had to persuade others to come to their school.

Well done! Great job!




These last weeks we have been working in class writing the script and creating puppets for our puppets show. It has been a fantastic and amazing activity class to promote cooperative work and spending a great time together!

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Hi everyone,

As we have received some questions from students about the carnival in the UK. We have decided to make students familiar with it. We have some activities we are going to upload on iTunesU for them. We hope you will like them.

Agata, Xerach & Noelia

Top ten escapes!

Posted: February 28, 2017 in FUNNY ACTIVITIES

Hello everyone!

My class of 4 ESO has been working on a great project: The top ten escapes! The topic is escaping, but the choice was free. They got in pairs or threesomes to produce a writing that had something to do with this topic and the outcome has been really original. Some wrote about one famous escape, others a diary of a Jewish girl, others about dream holidays to travel to for a break… We bonded it all together and this is the final product.

María Esther

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Ready for Carnival?

Posted: February 27, 2017 in FUNNY ACTIVITIES

Hello everyone!!!

This is 5th grade getting ready for Carnival! And you? Are you preparing your costumes and make up! Let the music play and have fun!

Here you are a couple of activities that will introduce you into the Carnival mood. The first one is just a rhyme and, as such, very easy to memorise and repeat.

The second is a wordseach where you can revise and learn the variety of Carnival costumes you can wear.

Hope you enjoy both! Post you soon!



Posted: November 20, 2016 in FUNNY ACTIVITIES, WRITING

Hi folks,

Students of 3rd Primary are working on letters. They all wrote one about what they normally do at the weekends. They are going to exchange letters with another classmate. They were very excited with the idea!!

Here is the result…

Well done!




Being Teachers!

Posted: November 9, 2016 in FUNNY ACTIVITIES, Uncategorized


These last two weeks our children have been working on a mini project in which they become teachers so they explain some contents to the others!😊lots of fun! Greetings from 4th primary!


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My 1ESO students are carrying out a project about communication technology. They have been given the alternative to choose techs that aid people with disabilities. Here’s a link they have access to on iTunes U for research:

Enjoy it!

Hi everyone,

This week in 4 ESO we’ve been learning about the Great Fire of London that took place in 1666,
and to get our student’s attention, we have used an interactive online game created by the Museum of London.

This is the link for the webpage:

The Fire of London game

It’s very well made so the kids were instantly attracted to it.

Give it a try and have fun!


Here we have the awesome result from our children’s work on Roald Dahl’s BFG☺️.

4°E.P A&B