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Hello, everyone!
This is 3rd grade. How are you doing? We are fine and learning a lot of things. We have some questions for you: Where would you like to live? Think big: What about living on another planet? It’s not possible by now but…what about if you could ‘design’ and create your own planet? Imagination is really powerful and we have created our own planets. Here you are pictures of what we have drawn. Soon, we’ll post some of the descriptions. You will really love living there….

Dear all

Last week our school was glitter all around !!!! Here you are some funny moments that our kids had wit Carnival celebration !!

Enjoy it!


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Hello, everyone! This is 3rd grade after a while…

As usual, we’ve been working on different projects and activities. To start the year, we have decided to create our own superhero. And we have created really good ones! Here you are some examples…




The dead rise again, bats fly, terror strikes and screams echo, for today is 5th A & B Halloween day! Trick or Treat naw… better to spread love and sharing, it is the best treat ever! What a blast sharing with vampire teeth with the ones you love.  Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Party!

Posted: November 2, 2017 in FUNNY ACTIVITIES
Hi everyone,
On 31st Ocober 4th primary students celebrated Halloween. They had a party, a Halloween restaurant and competitions they organised themselves. They also created a group Halloween craft – a ghost (4th A) and Jack -o’- lantern (4th B). They had a really good time.

Evil Pumpkin Puppets!

Posted: November 1, 2017 in ARTS, FUNNY ACTIVITIES
Hello everyone,
3rd primary have been making evil pumpkin puppets just in time for Halloween.
We all had a great time 🎃

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Die Studenten der 4. Klasse haben letzte Woche Domino gespielt. Sie haben in Gruppen gearbeitet, um ihre Kenntnisse über das Verb `sein´ zu verbessern. Es war eine lustige und andere Form Grammatik zu lernen. Die Schüler hatten wirklich Spaß und jetzt beherrschen sie besser das Thema. Hier kannst du Einblick werfen. Genieß es!
4th Grade students played last week domino in German class. They worked in groups to improve their knowledge of the verb `sein´(to be). It was a fun and different way to learn grammar. Students really had fun and  they have now a better domain of the subject. Here you can take a look. Enjoy it!

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Halloween Mood!

Posted: October 29, 2017 in FUNNY ACTIVITIES

Dear all we have a new student in class, Anabelle👻👻👻. Here we are getting into a zombie mood🎃🎃🎃 and preparing everything for that day !!!!!! Scary Halloweennnnnn.
6th A.

Hi everyone!

We’re starting a new project with our students in 3 ESO. The challenge: creating their own TV programmes!! As part of the project we’ve invited a special guest: Miss Rose, from Texas. She’s talked about two popular programmes in the States. The students got really engaged with her lively and enthusiastic performance. We all had a fab time! We got some pics, just look at their faces.

Sharon & Mª Esther

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Preparing Library Day!

Posted: October 20, 2017 in FUNNY ACTIVITIES, READERS

Hi everyone,

This week kids in 5A and 6B have met The Little Prince and its magical universe. They have been reading and discover the wonderful story in this book. For Library day, they have chosen one of the famous quotes and they have made a poster. They have enjoyed and it looks great! ☺️😊😊