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Hi everyone!
We’ve recently tried something new in 1 baccalaureate: visual thinking! It consists on puncture thinking, in other words, it’s a way to organize thoughts and improve studentsk ability to think and communicate. The students were really engaged while drawing collaboratively about modal verbs. It was just a perfect chance to process, analyse, evaluate and create. I stongly recommend it to everyone! Have a look at their masterpieces!

Mª Esther


Hi folks,

This week we’ve been having a great time with 2 ESO students. They created a puppet show with their own stories, and performed for  the kids in 3rd Primary.
They all loved it.

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Hi everyone!

Today we’ve done in 3 eso a speaking activity in pairs. They had to choose two pics out of a set of five. Then, they had to compare and contrast them and give their opinion about what they were doing and why. We changed a book activity into a Cambridge type activity.

In order to prepare for it, we pooled expressions for comparison and contrast as well as for expressing opinion and guessing. They copied them in their notebooks. When finished, I randomly put them in pairs to start and take turns to talk non-stop for 1:30 mins.

They had two roles:
– speaker: the one who was doing the speaking (this one had the notebook to look at the expressions we had pooled beforehand)
– listener: this one had to time their partner and tick those expressions their partner used.

This way we achieved two goals: the speaker used a range of expressions rather than repeating the same time and time again, and we promoted active listening in their listener, as they had a task to do. Students’ feedback after the activity was really positive.

Hope you find it useful!
Maria Esther

Hello, everyone! This is 3rd grade after a while…

As usual, we’ve been working on different projects and activities. To start the year, we have decided to create our own superhero. And we have created really good ones! Here you are some examples…




Hi everyone,
In the Advanced group of TSAFAD we are currently trying out the Oxford test of English that is a computer based level exam in English up to level B2.
The students had a great time creating while they all spoke with the computers, each one with their headphones and microphones. Definitely a new experience!
Now we’ll continue with the Reading and Writing to see how they get on with this new format.

TSAFAD Advanced Group of English

Hi everyone,
This week Indians and pilgrims worked together to give thanks on that especial day. Kids made nice pilgrims hats and fancy headbands with feathers! They also learnt about Thanksgiving and why that day is so important. They loved it!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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4th primary students have started talking about famous people – inventors, explorers, artists, composers etc. We have listened to some short biographies and we checked students’ ability to write dates correctly. One of the famous persons mentioned is Alexander Graham Bell. As it turned out that the students had little knowledge about who he was and what he invented, we played the following video to make them familiar with the inventor of the telephone.
I hope you will like it.

Hi everyone!

We’re starting a new project for the second learning experience of this term with both groups of 3 eso. This time is quite different from what we’ve done before. We’ll be producing inclusive content! We won’t disclose what the project is about yet, it’s a surprise 😉

To learn about how to use the iPad we’ve done a video conference with an expert: Daniela Rubio. She’s an educational consultant who is blind, so she’s told us her own experience and has showed how to use the accessibility mode on the iPad. Besides, she’s given us some advice on some Apps we can use for our project which are suitable for inclusive content.

They did a great job!

Sharon & Mª Esther



Hi folks,

This week 2 ESO students have been researching on the work of different world renowned charity organizations like “Doctors without borders” or “Save the children”.
They created a brochure explaining about how they use the funds that they raise from different donations.
They had the chance to ponder about how it feels like not being part of the “lucky” ones that have their basic needs covered.

“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.” Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein
5th A & B prepared this lovely creature with their idea of Frankenstein in mind! ahhhhhhhh it has arrived !!!

Miss Rose

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