Hi everyone,
In 2 ESO we have been learning about Medieval Cities.
Cities were formed and expanded due to increased trading activities of Artisans who clubbed together to form Guilds.
These Guilds set quality standards and working practices in medieval times. The video below explains the function of guild during medieval times.
Hi everyone,
In 2 ESO History we are about to start discovering about the Great Iberian Peninsular Kingdoms.
The  internet article below give more information about one of these kingdoms Portugal:

Studying Catholic Monarchs?

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Hi everyone,

In 2nd ESO we are starting to study the Catholic Monarchs (absolute monarchy). The link below is to an interesting article about the politics of this time in history.
Enjoy it!


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This week our student from 3rd Primary did some posters about Ancient History in Greece. They had to choose the topic (buildings and sculptures,coins,trade,gods or Olympic Games), bring some pictures and write some short sentences. Here is the result!!

Enjoy it!!


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Islam and Al-Andalus

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Hi folks,

In 2nd ESO Geography and History we are currently revising for Unit 1 Islam and Al-Andalus.

The article and radio broadcast from the BBC gives an historic overview of the Caliph and its current impacts on life in the modern world.

BBC News article  “What’s the appeal of a caliphate?”

BBC radio 4 programme “The idea of the Caliphate