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Our School Magazine!

Posted: June 14, 2016 in INTERESTING WEBSITES

Hi everyone,

Here we have the new volume of our School Magazine! Our students have done a great job!

Well done!

Click & enjoy it!




School Concert!

Posted: June 14, 2016 in FUNNY ACTIVITIES, Uncategorized
Here is the last blog from the year. Yesterday we had our concert and everything went quite well! Hopefully you enjoyed too!
Have a great summer!
Regards 4°EP

Drawing Landscapes

Posted: June 14, 2016 in ARTS, Uncategorized

Hello everyone,

Fourth primary have been enjoying drawing landscapes from around the garden areas of school, we decided to get out of the classroom and sit in shaded areas.
Some excellent pictures were drawn!

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In dieser Woche lesen wir Lektüre im Deutschunterricht. Die Geschichten in den Büchern sind über Protagonisten von unserem Kursbuch. Damit können die Schüler ihre Leseverstehen verbessern und neue Vokabeln lernen. Die Themen der Bücher sind Sommerferien, Freundschaften und Musik.

During this week we read story books in the German classes. The
stories are connected to the protagonists from our textbook. By doing this activity, the students can improve their reading comprehension skills and learn new vocabulary. The topics of the books are summer holidays, friendships and music.



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Hi everyone!
I’ve come across this App, it looks promising to give speaking practice a go in a fun way:
Voki is a talking avatar students can design and easily post on a blog or website. Sue Waters has written excellent step-by-step instructions on how to post a Voki.
Maria Esther

Short Horror Films

Posted: June 9, 2016 in READERS, Uncategorized
Hi folks,
This week sixth primary are working in groups, firstly they wrote scripts for short horror films and now they are currently filming them, they’ve brought in costumes, props and makeup.
Next week each one will be screened.

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Hi folks,
During our last classes this term we are going to do some role plays. The students will prepare some interviews. They will choose between the interviews with a celebrity, a famous athlete and a chef. They have some questions to help them, but they will answer them with their own ideas. Here is the link to the activities as well as one of them as an example.
I hope you like it

Our School Day!

Posted: June 2, 2016 in GERMAN
Die Schüler der 6. Klasse haben schöne Projekte zum Thema „Unser
Schultag“ gemacht. Sie haben in Gruppen von vier Schülern gearbeitet.
Jeder Schüler musste zwei Aktivitäten, die er an einem Schultag macht,
beschreiben und ein Bild malen. Die Kartons mit allen Projekten hängen
schon an der Wand im Klassenzimmer.

The students of the 6th primary have created projects to topic “Our
School Day.” They worked in groups of four students. Every student had
to describe two activities that he or she does on a school day and
draw a picture to them. The cardboards with all projects are already
hanging on the wall in the classroom.


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Writing Process

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This week we’ve been working in the steps to follow in the writing process. So, we decided to do our own writing plan posters. Some of them used Apps to do mindmaps and posters while others worked the traditional way, on cardboard. Here’re some of their pieces of work. They did a great job! Hope you’ll like them.

Maria Esther