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Hello everyone,
We keep on working towards cooperative learning and this week we did our first work in groups by dividing the tasks in two and completing it. Have a nice week.

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Hi everyone!
This week in 1 BAC, we’ve been working on writing letters of complaint. We’ve read a sample letter and analysed its structure and language. To take their writing a step further, I’ve asked them to focus on grammar structures. For so doing, we’ve read the info on a website (link provided below) with advice on using a range of grammar structures to improve the quality of writing. After reading it, students have worked in pairs to produce a checklist with those structures that they can use in their writing. They’ll be using the checklist to write their letter. I send below the class checklist  came up with at the end of the lesson.
All best wishes,
Maria Esther

Hi everyone,

This week students have been working on one of the most important writers in the history, Shakespeare. They have been doing several activities such as vídeos about his life, a short vídeo for kids about Hamlet,crosswords, quizzes,wordsearch, rol play… They have had a really good time during this week and the most important thing,the have learned and enjoyed.

Here you can see some pics!! Enjoy them!


Art Day!

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 Hi everyone,
This is fourth primary participation for the Art Day. We did a little review on Andy Warhol’s pop art.
Greetings from 4th primary

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Hi everyone!
As an after-Easter activity, I’ve asked my students to produce a video using the App Adobe Voice ( ), a great App to produce amazing videos very easily. I send the link of Rocío, a student in 2 ESO, as an example. I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I have:
Have fun;)
Maria Esther

Sports Week

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Alle Schüler feiern die Woche des Sports. Dafür spielen sie Fußball-,
Basketball- and Tennisspiele. Einige gehen an den Strand oder zum
Wasserpark. Wir haben schon viel über Sport im Deutschunterricht
gelernt. Die Schüler können über ihrer Lieblingssport sprechen und
verschiedene Sportarten jetzt und vorher vergleichen.

All students celebrate the sports week. They play football, basketball
and tennis matches. Some of them go to the beach or to aqua park. We
have already learned a lot about sport in German lessons. The students
can speak about their favorite sport and compare different types of
sports now and then.


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In dieser Woche proben alle Schüler für die Olympischen Spiele, die an diesem Samstag stattfinden. Sie vorbereiten ihre Kostüme, malen und basteln. Im Unterricht lesen und lernen die Schüler über die Reise um die Welt in 80 Tagen. Das ist das Thema von diesjährigen Olympischen Spielen in der Schule.
During this week, all students practice for the Olympic Games that take place on this Saturday. They are preparing their costumes, painting and doing handicrafts. In the lessons they read and learn about the Journey around the world in 80 days that is the topic of the Olympic Games at school this year.