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Propagating Avocado Seeds

Posted: October 30, 2013 in SCIENCE

Hi everyone,

About a month ago 3ºEP began propagating avocado seeds using cocktail sticks balancing the seeds in water. They are very happy to announce that some are growing roots. Nestor’s seed, 3ºEP A has grown very well and even has leaves. Last week we took it to the school garden and planted it in a flower pot so that he could take it back to class. We will be planting some more of the seeds soon in preparation for tree day.


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IMGP1573 IMGP1572 IMGP1574


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Hi everyone!

In the following website we may find different types of flashcards, worksheets, lesson plans, crafts, and more that may be really useful for Halloween! Some have specific teaching functions, others are just fun games (good for parties!). At the end of each game is a Teaching Point (TP) Section. XERACH 6TH 
I hope is scary enough for you! Enjoy it! 


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We have got of to a grand start in science activities on a Tuesday. This years group of students are very enthusiastic. Last week we planted five banana trees kindly donated by Jana, the German teacher. It was hard work but we all enjoyed ourselves. Thanks to Alberto the teacher for his help as well.

What is a witch? Kids wiki explains

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This kids wiki has everything you need to know about witches. Have a quick look at it in case you have any doubt…..maybe your classmate is one of them uhhhhhhhh

Are you ready for Halloween?? Noelia Ramirez 3rd C.

Our future house!

Posted: October 17, 2013 in ACTIVITIES IN THE CLASSROOM

Hi everyone!

This week the students of 4th ESO have been working on setting house rules and decided what type of house they’d share in the future. They’ve done a role-play and written their rules for the future. Here’s the result, hope you’ll enjoy it as much as us!
Mª Esther

image (3)

image (2)

image (1)


Revising for PET!

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Hi everyone!
Tired of doing the same kind of activities?
Motivate your students revising vocabulary and grammar for the PET with fun online activities.
Have fun!

Revising adjectives!

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Hi everyone,
One of the things I practise with my students during support lessons are adjectives. We also try to find synonyms and antonyms. I have found a website which offers various worksheets to work with students at different levels. They are all related to antonyms and are aimed at beginners as well as more advanced students. They can be downloaded in pdf format. 
I hope you  like it!


Our planet!

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Hello, everyone!!!!! This is 4th grade!!!!!
This week we have two posts in one!!!
As you all know, we work on projects. The projects planned for 4th grade this year are: Cuídame hoy para tenerme mañana, Alrededor del Sol y Siguiendo Huellas. The first one is Cuídame hoy para tenerme mañana. What do you think this unit can be about?
To give you a clue here you are an amazing video. We loved watching it in class and sharing ideas about it!!!
Soon, we’ll celebrate HALLOWEEN!!!!!! How do you feel about it? We need your cooperation: can you send us some ideas, activities, games, links, anything about Halloween? It would be nice to celebrate it in a different way. We’re trying to find a scary story to be read in class. Do you know any? When we’ll have ours, we’ll post it so you all can read it and get scared!!!!

This is all by now. Post you soon!!!

Halloween is coming!!

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Hi everyone,

As everybody knows Halloween is coming! This is a special date for our students and they have to be ready for that occasion, so here you are a song to be familiar with Halloween atmosphere.

Hope you enjoy it!