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Present Perfect Revision

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Hi everyone,
5th primary students have started the new unit this week. One of the issues we are going to practise is present perfect simple. Students had already studied it last year, but we are starting with some easy activities like choosing the correct auxiliary verb: have or has, revising irregular verbs. Here are some of the materials I am going to use during my classes and upload them on iTunesU.

Around the world in 80 days

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In dieser Woche machen die Schüler Aktivitäten zum Thema „In 80 Tagen um die Welt.“ Dieses Thema ist auch das Thema für diesjährige Olympische Spiele, die unsere Schule in der nächsten Woche feiert. Die Schüler arbeiten in Gruppen oder alleine und „reisen“ nach verschiedensten Ländern der Welt und lernen neue Fakten. Zuerst müssen sie der Reisepass and Flugtickets erledigen und dann können sie die Welt entdecken.
“Around the world in 80 days” is the topic of this year’s Olympic Games that will be celebrated at our school next week. For this reason, the students do activities connected to this topic during their German lessons. They work alone or in groups and “travel” to different countries of the world and learn new facts. Before their trip, they have to obtain their passport and flight tickets and then they can go ahead and discover the world.

This week 5th primary students have worked on their projects. They had to answer some big questions like: What do other cultures give to the world? Why do we use money? etc. They have worked in the classroom as well as outside. They also had to record role plays and include them in their videos using i movie. They had a lot of fun.


Hi folks,

I’ve created this activity related to Jules Verne for my ESO students. I found some interesting facts on the internet
related to the author of “Around the world in 80 days”. They come with interesting questions that students have to answer
by searching the internet as they are not so easy to answer.

I hope you enjoy this activity as much as the students did.



Jules Verne



Happy Easter!

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Have a great break! See you all next Tuesday!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Hello everyone!

This week we’ve been doing some activities on the novel “Around the World in 80 Days”. We got inspired on this website

to do an information gap activity with the table in the website. Then, we used the info to map Fogg’s trip around the world on a blank world map. Students produced a factfile for some of the cities Foog went to and we put it all together. This is the final product, hope you’ll like it 🙂

Maria Esther

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Hi everyone!
We’re working on the types of sentences in 2 ESO. We’ll be using this material to identify the different types. The purpose, making students aware of the different types of sentences to improve their writing.



Hope you’ll find it useful!
Maria Esther

Hi everyone,
The students of the 4 ESO presented their projects during this week.
In projects, they were to choose one of three topics: money, weather
and holidays. They compared three aspects in groups. We have seen what
the weather in Finland and Sahara is like and we learned how much
money earn stars like One Direction, Leonardo DiCaprio and others.

In dieser Woche haben die Schüler der 4. Klasse ihre Projekte
präsentiert. Sie konnten von drei Themen wählen: Geld, Wetter und
Feiertage. In Gruppen haben sie drei Aspekten verglichen. Wir haben
das Wetter in Finnland und Sahara gesehen und wie viel Geld verdienen
One Direction, Leonardo DiCaprio und andere Stars gelernt.

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Hi everyone,

This week 3A presented the projects they were working on last week. They had lots of fun finding out about invertebrates. Here are the finished results…