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Hello everyone,

This week third primary have been learning that art is very important when it comes to architecture, every modern or historical building was designed by an artist.
They all had to design their own castles (Rome wasn’t built in a day) so they say 😉

It was a lot of fun!


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Looking for resources?

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Hi everyone,

This website will be very useful for arts and crafts teachers as it provides them with an unbeatable source of resources, such as video tutorials on arts and crafts techniques, making off videos, extra photocopiable worksheets, and audios.

Enjoy it!


Teachers’ resources!

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I’ve discovered the site of The Guardian newspaper for teachers. After a quick registration you’ll have access to a great variety of resources.
I hope you like it!

Hi everyone,

Do you need some new ideas for teaching? This 5challenge video can provide a wide range of them.

Hope you enjoy it!


Hello everyone!
Who said that comics was only for stories? In 2 BACH students have worked in small groups to produce a comic about the different types of conditional sentences, these are just two examples! Still working on it!
Maria Esther

Working on Comics!

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Hi everyone,

During the Olympics we’ve been doing some work about comics 🙂 in 1 eso students have world on a project about comic heroes: the produced posters including info such as  super powers, when and who invented them or main enemies. They enjoyed this activity a lot and produced really original and funny posters. I send some pics, hope you enjoy them!

Mª Esther

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Earth Day!

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Hi everyone,
In the first two units of their books students in 5th primary learn about endangered species and extinct animals. They have already introduced new vocabulary, but this worksheet elaborates on it. It offers the possibility of working in pairs or groups. Ss can first label the pictures and then they can choose one endangered species to discuss with their partners answering the questions given. It is an interesting extension activity that can be used while working on these two units.
I hope you will find it useful too.

Reinforcement Grammar Worksheets!

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This website offers some reinforcement grammar worksheets related to different grammar issues. They are printable and can be used any time in class. The one I am going to use is the one to practise Present Perfect simple and continuous as it is what I am going to work on in 5th primary.
I hope you will find it useful.


Our Olympics

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Hello, everyone!!!

This is 6th grade. Last Saturday, we celebrated our incredible Olympics. The topic was the comics and we all had an amazing time together after weeks of very hard work. Here you are a picture of us. Believe or not we were secret agents!


Throughout this week, we’ll be having different activities. We started yesterday with the Solidarity Race. We contributed to help members of our community who are in need and, at the same time, had a good time playing together in Parque del Sur. Tomorrow, we’ll have different competitions we signed up and on Friday we’ll do some surf!!!! Maybe next week you’ll have some pictures.

Post you soon!!!


Storytelling worksheets

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Hi everyone,

This is a great site for readers. Many good ideas and activities to get students into reading and thinking about reading as a way of communicating ideas.

Have fun!