Cambridge Exams Award Ceremony

Posted: October 17, 2017 in CAMBRIDGE EXAMS

Last 5th Oct Gerard Hally, Cambridge Exam Consultant in the Canary Islands visited our school for the Award Ceremony where all the students who took Cambridge Exams last year received their diplomas. Moreover, he also talked to parents about Cambridge Exams international recognition, how they improve our students English skills and solved doubts they had.

It was a great evening!

Thanks Gerard!

MLD Team


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This term we will be working on different books and doing different projects.

We have just finished with the summer reader evaluations that have, on the whole, shown good understanding of the books. Our students have read about Trolls and ghost stories in 3ESO; Henry VIII and his six wives in 4 ESO; Leonardo da Vinci in 1 Bach and finally about Martin Luther King in 2 Bach. These stories will also be used in our first mini projects.

On 24 October we have our amazing Library Day! And this year it will be devoted to Fantastic Literature in Secondary and we have some great activities lined upā€¦ More to come about this closer to the date.

Remember that a book a day, keeps ignorance away!


Readers and Literature 3 ESO-2 Bach/2IB

Hi everyone,

This week we have been talking about school and Y12 Students created their ideal school by creating 3D models. Then, they had to persuade others to come to their school.

Well done! Great job!



Our Art Gallery!

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Hi everyone,

This week we have transformed our class into an art gallery and our students have became well known artists designing the covers for their notebooks.Ā  Here we have the three winners selected after a very hard vote.



Welcome Back!

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Have an amazing year!

MLD Team

Oceans & Global Warming

Posted: June 16, 2017 in SCIENCE

Hello everyone,

This week we received a visit to teach us a bit about the oceans and the global warming!



This term we started using Seesaw, a wonderful online learning journal. We have been using it for Readers and also for the interdisciplinary project 4 ESO carried out on Tenerife in the Teide National Park.

For Readers in 3 ESO up to 1 BACH, the students have been reading at home using class time for tasks and reflections that they share and comment on in the seesaw app.

While in Tenerife, the students had to explore their surroundings through the perspective of the multiple intelligences, taking representative pictures for each of the 8 intelligences and then explaining their reasons for selecting them. They then had to assemble the photos into a visually attractive collage and since all the work done is shared through Seesaw, everyone can comment and like each other’s work.

In Readers, the students in 3 ESO and in the intermediate groups of 4 ESO and 1 Bach, have designed their own project by selecting tasks from 6 of the multiple intelligences, having to carry out some individually and some in groups, and again sharing them on seesaw to comply with the intrapersonal intelligence by reflecting on their reading and work and the interpersonal intelligence by commenting on their class mate’s work.

Have a look at the pictures for a better idea!


Hi folks,
This week we have introduced the third conditional.
Here is an interactive match-up quiz that can be done as a warm-up activity.

Hope you will like it.
Agata, Noelia, Xerach

Learning Spanish Geography!

Posted: June 14, 2017 in SOCIAL STUDIES

Here is our blog activity for this week. Our 6th primary students are studying geography of Spain. We are going to work on the project and see different videos. Here is one of them.

Agata, Noelia and Xerach

Hello everyone,
This week fifth primary have been researching all kinds of weird and wonderful things from around the globe, so far they’ve discovered there is an actual tomato fighting sport, somewhere people have to have the same haircuts and carnivorous insects actually exist!
I’m looking forward to hearing all about the others things that they have found too.
What a strange world we all live in.