Learning about plants!

Posted: February 22, 2018 in SCIENCE

Hello everyone,

Here we are in 4th primary with our latest projects. We have been studying the functions of the different parts of a plant and we decided ro check how the stems carry out their function. By adding food colouring to the water we were able to follow the path to the leaves.

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Hi everyone,

Time is needed when searching in our school and discover that it is a world of surprises. We decided to make a collection book of leaves and insects.
The sun helped a lot and we enjoyed the day after the rain has visited us these days.
Science & Nature is just too much. Never ending story.
Miss. Rose


We are in the final!!

Posted: February 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone!

We are glad to inform you we’ve been selected for the final in the STEM challenge organized by telefónica. Now there are 10 teams around Spain in our category that will compete for the first positions. Our boys have done a great job! We’ll keep you informed.

If you haven’t had a look at our video, here you have it:

Learning about perspective!

Posted: February 7, 2018 in ARTS
Hi everyone,
This week third primary are being taught the early stages of perspective in art by placing large objects in the foreground followed by adding smaller ones in the background. Colouring, cutting, gluing and chatting away in English will be thrown in for fun too.

Hi everyone!

Today we’ve done in 3 eso a speaking activity in pairs. They had to choose two pics out of a set of five. Then, they had to compare and contrast them and give their opinion about what they were doing and why. We changed a book activity into a Cambridge type activity.

In order to prepare for it, we pooled expressions for comparison and contrast as well as for expressing opinion and guessing. They copied them in their notebooks. When finished, I randomly put them in pairs to start and take turns to talk non-stop for 1:30 mins.

They had two roles:
– speaker: the one who was doing the speaking (this one had the notebook to look at the expressions we had pooled beforehand)
– listener: this one had to time their partner and tick those expressions their partner used.

This way we achieved two goals: the speaker used a range of expressions rather than repeating the same time and time again, and we promoted active listening in their listener, as they had a task to do. Students’ feedback after the activity was really positive.

Hope you find it useful!
Maria Esther

Reading The Magic Brocade

Posted: February 4, 2018 in READERS
Fourth primary have been enjoying writing short stories inspired by the reading book “The Magic Brocade” to share with their classmates this week.

Creating amazing mind maps in 3 ESO

Posted: January 31, 2018 in READERS

This week in Readers, we are learning how to make our work original, interesting and truly amazing. How? you may ask yourselves… We take a chapter in our book “My Teen Life in India”, in this case the chapter called “8th May”, and read it in groups of three students. The task at hand is making a simple mind map…but the CHALLENGE is that the mind maps have to be original, creative and full of ideas. Each group have to make their mind map theirs, something that is even more difficult as they are all working on the same, rather short, chapter. They also have to manage time and decide the format of their mind map. The thinking process has begun…
Here are some photos from the process and hopefully next week, we can share the amazing work they will have done by then.


In second ESO we are continuing the second story in the book “Lord Arthur Sevile’s Crime and Other stories”
As an introduction the students have to match words with pictures.
This introduces the students to new vocabulary in the book and gets them thinking about the forthcoming story.
We had an interesting discussion in class why they had used specific words to describe the person in the picture.
I asked student if they had heard of the expression (idiom) “Don’t judge a book by its cover”
Below is an internet link that explains the expression.
As we will find out in the story the characters aren’t what we expect them to be!


Interesting Website!

Posted: January 30, 2018 in INTERESTING WEBSITES
Hi everyone,
We recommend this website! We have been using it with the kids in 6th A&B to revise for Social Studies. It has worksheets, mind maps and quizzes on different topics.
Noelia and Silvia 😊

Hello, everyone! This is 3rd grade after a while…

As usual, we’ve been working on different projects and activities. To start the year, we have decided to create our own superhero. And we have created really good ones! Here you are some examples…