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Celebrations around the world!

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone!
This week we’ve done a fair about traditional celebrations around the world. We’ve set up stalls and walked around the fair to learn more about popular traditional around the world. We’ been to Brazil, Germany, China, Morocco… I send attached some photos. Enjoy them!

Mª Esther

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Yesterday, Tuesday 26th, 2ºESO Jose Caballero and I went on a conservation trip to the sand dunes. The students were greeted by a guide who explained the ecology of the dunes and the problems they are facing whilst trying to conserve them. The trip was very informative and has left the students thinking about how we can help tis wonderful nature reserve on our doorstep.

It was great fun!


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Tree Day!

Posted: November 27, 2013 in FUNNY ACTIVITIES

On Friday the 22nd we celebrated tree day. Here are some pictures of 3ºEP planting plants down in the new garden in infants. A man from the organisation Foresta came to give a talk. The students learnt how to plant correctly and how we can conserve the forests of Gran Canaria. With 4ºEP we were planting sunflower seeds in yogurt pots. The students have taken the pots to class to look after them and will be taking the plants home when they begin to grow.

It was great fun!


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Countable or Uncountable?

Posted: November 27, 2013 in INTERESTING WEBSITES
Hi everyone,
I have been working on countable and uncountable nouns and quantifiers with 6º primary students. I have found this website with different online games. The ones that are useful for the contents I´m teaching at the moment are countable and uncountable nouns rally and the one related to ´ some and any´´. I hope you find some of the games interesting for you.
Here is the link:

Different Endings!

Posted: November 26, 2013 in ACTIVITIES IN THE CLASSROOM
Hi everyone!
In 2 eso, this week we’ve just finished our term reader “Bullring kid and country cowboy”. As the story didn’t finish as we expected, we decided to write an alternative ending. These were the three most voted endings. Which one do you like most?
Story ending
By Carolina:
3 years had passed since the last time Fizza and Flecher saw each other. But for both now is time to go to university. When they went to the university they met again.
-OH MY GOD- said Fizza.
– FIZZA! – shout Flecher.
They ran to hug themselves and suddenly kissed.
By Beatriz :
“I have decided to return to Sark” he said.
“Why” replied Fletcher.
“Birmingham is not for me, son” Richard told him
“It might not be for you but it really is for me” His anger was showing at this moment, everyone could feel it.
Fizza was about to cry, she didn’t like this situation between Fletcher and his dad even though, she knew that the horses were in danger in Birmingham. But Fizza liked him and felt for him, she loved him, feeling those teen butterflies in her stomach that made her heart melt.
“He can’t return to Sark, Richard. I love him and i don’t want to be just friends. Don’t do this to me, please.”
Fizza felt embarrased but at the same time she felt how she lost weight from her chest. Eveyone was shocked, staring at both of them, you can say their jaw was on the floor while Fletcher was staring at her with his most honest eyes. Fizza stood up and ran across the living room, leaving them alone with a tear streaming down her red and flushed cheeks.
Fletcher followed her and grabbed her by her wrist while turning her around.
“I love you too” he said while planting a kiss on her lips in a soft, sweet and gently way.
By Karina:
After an hour of journey Fletcher realised that he was in love with Fizza. But it was too late now. In Sark he phoned Fizza every night and they spoke for a long time. When Fletcher became 20 years old he decided to go to study in Birmingham. He stayed in Fizza’s house and they lived happy ever after.
Have fun,
María Esther


Hi everyone,

Are you using Ipads in class?? Here you have a complete website full of apps to use with your students.

Have a great week!


Rubrics Maker!

Posted: November 24, 2013 in INTERESTING WEBSITES

Hi everyone,

here you have a link that will help you to save time when creating rubrics to mark your students’ projects! Very easy to use just need to click and choose what you want, save it and use it! 🙂
Hope you find it useful!

International Children’s Day

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Hi everyone,

This Wednesday, we celebrated the International Children’s Day. For this reason, the students Yash, Brian and Mittal from IB course came to the 3rd Primary classroom and explained our students the rights the children must have and they also showed a video about the natural disaster in Philippine. Our 3rd Primary students listened to their comments carefully and they really enjoyed the visit!

Here some pictures of that day!

Hope you like them!


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Hello, everyone!!!

Here we are again! We have to tell you about International Children Day. It was celebrated on November, 20th and we had a special lesson with two special teachers to remind us our rights and what is happening around the world.

The two special teachers were Paula Cabrera and Diandra Brandt, both IB students at our school. 4th A and B had the lesson together and they showed us a video where we revised our rights and commented them on.

After that, we talked about the situation in the Philippines after the typhoon. We had prepared with our Spanish teacher some posters about it.

Finally, we read a tale (Hansel and Gretel) to come back to children’s rights.

It was a very interesting experience, we loved participating and giving our opinions and we would like to thank Diandra and Paula for their lesson, patience and excellent work.

As always, here you are some pictures to illustrate our special International Children Day.


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Posted: November 20, 2013 in REVISION ACTIVITIES
Hi everyone,
During the two past weeks I have been working on prepositions with 5th primary students. We have mostly concentrated on prepositions of place and movement. We have worked with posters, described our classroom and we have done both written and oral activities. To revise prepositions I have used  a website with slides to show ss various options of prepositions of place and movement. I have used the one I am sending the link to, but there are other resources on this website which you might find useful too.
I hope you  like it.