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Hi everyone,
This week I’m getting third primary to create some fun short stories. This website is stuffed full of fun ways to teach grammar in the easiest ways possible.



Setting Goals for Readers!

Posted: January 29, 2017 in READERS, Uncategorized

Hi everyone,

We’re back in action in our Readers classes and the year has started in a fun and dynamic way, setting goals that aim for the stars and providing empathy, suggestions and feedback to our peers in how to best reach our goals and keep on track to achieve them. We did this by exploring the expression “aim for the stars to reach the treetops” and then writing down aims for Readers, School in general and our Personal life, for this term. We also added a dream we have in life.

Once this was done, we explored our engineering skills by creating paper aeroplanes with our papers and flying them around the class. Each student picked up an aeroplane that was not their own and proceeded to provide feedback to the person who wrote the aims on that plane. To add a bit of humour, the students had signed their aims using the name of a cartoon character, which meant that we had people walking around calling out for Donald Duck, Scooby Doo and the like!

A warm up activity to the year with hidden benefits that was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students from 3 ESO to 2 BACH.

Now, we’re ready to resume our projects on the different readers… to be continued!

Patricia Bergström

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Spain in the 18th century!

Posted: January 29, 2017 in SOCIAL STUDIES


During social studies lessons we have been working on a project related to Spain in the 18th century. Students also learn about the Industrial Revolution, The French Revolution, Spanish monarchs and Napoleon Bonaparte. They have also watched the following video to find out who Napoleon was.
Here is the link:

We hope you will like it.
Noelia, Agata and Xerach

Learning about Shakespeare!

Posted: January 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone!

Today, in my class of 4 ESO, we were to read Shakespeare’s poem “all the world’s a stage”. Instead of explaining the context of this poem myself, we used the Cooperative Learning structure: the four wise men (ladies, in this particular case). I asked four students to find some facts in advance about Shakespeare, the play As you like it, the main characters and the context of this poem. Each of these students were in a classroom corner and one classmate from each team gathered around and listened to them. When they learnt the info, they went back to their teams and shared it with the rest of the team members. In this way, all four team members learnt about the context and could read the poem more easily.

I send some pics I took while the “wise ladies” were performing their role as mini-teachers.

I hope you enjoy it!
María Esther


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Playing with Idioms!

Posted: January 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone,

Our Y12 students played this week “Slap the board” game in class to revise idioms with “KEEP” Ss played in teams and one of them shout the idiom and the other two had to slap the right picture on the board. The first one in slapping the right picture will be the winner.

They had lot of fun!


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Happy Animals

Posted: January 18, 2017 in SCIENCE

Hi everyone,

Throughout the second trimester, the students in 3rd and 4th primary will be learning about animals and their habitats. I’ve come across an interesting YouTube channel which is full of educational videos. At the moment we are looking at mammals and birds. Here are the links for the videos related to these topics: Birds & Mammals

I hope you find them useful!



Winnie the Witch

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Hello everyone,
Sixth Primary have started reading the book “Winnie the Witch”.
After just competing the first chapter they discovered many new and useful words like zoomed, wobble, swerve, grunt, toasty, sprinkle, slurp and knickers (just to mention a few) and how to use them correctly.
We had fun!


SMART Goals!

Posted: January 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone!
We’ve started this term by setting goals to ourselves to improve our level of English. We’ve been learning about SMART goals by watching a tutorial and reading info on a website on how to set them for language learning. Then, each student wrote their own personal goal in their notebooks, specifying the tasks they’ll be doing to achieve their aim as well as when they’ll be doing them. When done, they got into “support pairs”, that is, each pair will meet weekly to monitor their progress on a checklist and to support and encourage each other. We’ve finished this activity by producing a poster to display their aims. This week we’ve finished the activity with the students of 1 baccalaureate and next week with those of 2 baccalaureate.
Let’s see how it works 🙂


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María Esther