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Hi everyone!
We are still developing our STEM robots’ national project with 3rd ESO. Our team’s name is CAS Express and we are trying to make our EV3 robot go around the school so it can deliver some material from José Caballero’s office. Please, if you have a moment, go and click on the “like heart” on the following website attached. The more votes we have, the more possibilities we’ll have to win. Thank you very much!

Working in groups!

Posted: November 16, 2017 in COOPERATIVE LEARNING, Uncategorized
Hello, everyone!
This is 3rd grade. We would like to let you know a couple of things we have been doing lately. We have been studying Social Studies. It’s easier and funnier when we do it in groups….
And our revisions were also using the Cooperative Learning techniques. This time we completed the worksheet using ‘Pencils in the middle’. And the winners are….

Programming with Sphero!

Posted: November 13, 2017 in CAS ROBOTS, Uncategorized
Hi folks,
During the sessions we’ve had yesterday with 6 primary in CAS ROBOTS we have been programming pentagons and hexagons using the Sphero. Students need to add the commands with the right degrees and seconds so the live data sensor from the Sphero can capture the shapes. It is nice kinestetic way of learning how to use degrees while we have fun with the robots! Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Hi everyone!

We’re starting a new project for the second learning experience of this term with both groups of 3 eso. This time is quite different from what we’ve done before. We’ll be producing inclusive content! We won’t disclose what the project is about yet, it’s a surprise 😉

To learn about how to use the iPad we’ve done a video conference with an expert: Daniela Rubio. She’s an educational consultant who is blind, so she’s told us her own experience and has showed how to use the accessibility mode on the iPad. Besides, she’s given us some advice on some Apps we can use for our project which are suitable for inclusive content.

They did a great job!

Sharon & Mª Esther



Halloween Characters!

Posted: October 27, 2017 in ARTS, Uncategorized
Hello everyone,
Fourth primary are currently enjoying the build up to Halloween by drawing their favourite scary characters from books or films.  Annabelle the evil doll has been a firm favourite.

Hi everyone,

This week my students have used a very useful website to practice different contents for Social Studies:
They learned all countries in the European Union and had fun while learning. 😊

Hi people,
I’m afraid I have some terrible news to tell you. A huge meteorite is about to hit the earth meaning the end of our civilization. But don’t worry. We have a team of scientists among our 1 ESO students who have found the solution for that threat, and they had a lot of fun researching for it.
Enjoy it,

Unser Körper!

Posted: October 24, 2017 in GERMAN, Uncategorized
Die Schüler der 3 Klasse haben die letzte Woche an einem kleinen Projekt teilgenommen. Sie hatten die Möglichkeit, ihren Körper besser kennenzulernen. Das Ergebnis sind schöne Wandbilder mit den Namen der Körperteile, die wir gerade in der ersten Lektion lernen.
Hier kannst du sehen, wie das Projekt aussieht. Genieß es!
3rd Grade took part in a small project last week. They had the opportunity to get to know their bodies better. The result are beautiful displays with the names of the body parts that we learnt in the first lesson. Here you can see how the project looks.
Enjoy it!

Writing Essays!

Posted: October 18, 2017 in Uncategorized
In first and second ESO readers, we have been learning how to read and write an essay.
The subject of the essay was “What I enjoyed doing during my summer holiday” or “What I would have liked to have done during my summer holiday”
Both groups have been using a structured approach to writing:
  1. Planning their essay writing using bullet points.
  2. Preparing an introduction to the essay
  3. Expanding the bullet points to produce the body of the text
  4. Concluding their essay.
They have then been reading their essays to each other, checking for any spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting it to me.
I look forward to reading their endeavours and will post some examples when I’ve received them!

This term we will be working on different books and doing different projects.

We have just finished with the summer reader evaluations that have, on the whole, shown good understanding of the books. Our students have read about Trolls and ghost stories in 3ESO; Henry VIII and his six wives in 4 ESO; Leonardo da Vinci in 1 Bach and finally about Martin Luther King in 2 Bach. These stories will also be used in our first mini projects.

On 24 October we have our amazing Library Day! And this year it will be devoted to Fantastic Literature in Secondary and we have some great activities lined up… More to come about this closer to the date.

Remember that a book a day, keeps ignorance away!


Readers and Literature 3 ESO-2 Bach/2IB