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My 1ESO students are carrying out a project about communication technology. They have been given the alternative to choose techs that aid people with disabilities. Here’s a link they have access to on iTunes U for research:

Enjoy it!


Hi everyone,

This week in 4 ESO we’ve been learning about the Great Fire of London that took place in 1666,
and to get our student’s attention, we have used an interactive online game created by the Museum of London.

This is the link for the webpage:

The Fire of London game

It’s very well made so the kids were instantly attracted to it.

Give it a try and have fun!

Happy Halloween!

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This week all of primary have enjoyed learning how to draw many spooky and wonderful things just in time for “Halloween”
Happy Halloween!



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Hello everyone!

I was looking for info about many/much/enough/too and look what I’ve come across:

Too Much, Too Many, Enough, Not Enough | ESL

It has a good explanation and a great poster we can use for class!

Hope you’ll find it useful 😉
Maria Esther

Halloween is coming!

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Hi folks,

Halloween is coming and students started to work on that on IT lessons. The used Paint to create their own pieces of art about this popular festival. Enjoy their work!!




Exam Revision

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Hi folks,

During the week, before the grammar and reading 2 ESO has practised with a Cooperative Learning game, based on the “Jigsaw Strategy”

Students had fun at the same time as they were learning and revising the contents for the exam. Well done!

Während der Woche, 2 ESO hat einem “Cooperative Learning” Spiel gespielt vor den Grammatik und Lesen Prüfungen, die Studenten hatten Spaß und gleichzeitig könnten Sie lernen!



Science Show Preparations

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Hi everyone,

This week every class has been putting the finishing touches to their Science projects, and giving their experiments some trial runs. So far, so good – all their hard work is paying off! We look forward to seeing you all next week.



European Union

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In 6th primary we are working with the European Union at the moment. In the following website students might reinforce and extend contents about every country that is in the EU.

There it goes!

Your teachers,

Noelia, Agata and Xerach

Hi everyone,

Here you have a link to a website we will be using in class in order to practice for the Cambridge exams. Those who are taking KET and PET should try to finish a few reading tests. You get the feedback straight away so you can correct your mistakes. Give it a good use!

Agata, Noelia and Xerach


Happy Halloween!

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