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Hi everyone,
In 2 ESO History we are about to start discovering about the Great Iberian Peninsular Kingdoms.
The  internet article below give more information about one of these kingdoms Portugal:

Flashcards Creator!

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Hi everyone,
In the following website students may create their own flashacards easily. They might be printed, used in a test mode and edited if necessary. I hope you can use it once in class to reinforce some contents!



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Hello everyone,

This week 3EP have been helping out with the carnival displays by colouring in flowers to make large Hawaiian garlands, a big thank you to all the teachers who helped out too.
Hugs from

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History Project!

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Hello, everyone!!!!

This is 6th grade!!! Let us tell you about our last project. The title is Where We Are in Place and Time and we have focused it on History. In different groups, we are going to learn about interesting periods: Prehistory, Middle Ages, Romans, even, the Future (2150)!

Searching for information, we have found different sites where you can get all the information you need.

We keep on searching for new sites, but we have started working with these. They are very helpful!!!

We’ll post you soon !!!


Modal Verbs practice!

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Hi everyone,
This is an interactive acitivy with drop down options to practise must/mustn´t and have to/don´t have to as we must recap on this given the difficulty this implies for our lovely 8-9 year olds…


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Hi folks!

This week, we’ve been working on a project related to cooking. Our students had to film themselves acting as TV presenters in a cooking program using just their ipads.
They’ve really enjoyed it and could show their cooking as well as their acting skills.

Countable and Uncountable!

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Hi everyone!

I’ve just come across this website full of teaching ideas for countable and uncountable nouns as well as for expressions of quantity. I’ll be using these ideas in class and hope you’ll find them useful too.

Expressing Quantity – ESL EFL Teaching Resources

Have fun 🙂
Maria Esther

Spanish as a Second Language ppt!

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Hi everyone,
Great link! It can be used for Spanish for foreigners classes. There are a few ppt presentations. Some of them are quite good for primary kids – telling the time, the weather etc.
I hope you will like it.

Games in the classroom!

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Hi everyone,
Students of 3rd primary did some speaking activities and games. In one of them, each student has to think of a question using “going to”. Once they had it, one of them asked to the students individually until they found someone who answers “yes”.This person is the one that has to ask and find someone who says yes to the question. They start to create a chain and follow the first person around the class.

They really liked it and are asking to do it again! 😉


Tourism Fair!

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Hi everyone!
This week, our group of 3 ESO has organised a tourism fair, with a range of adventure trips to enjoy and have loads of fun! They got into the role of trip advisors and promoted their trips with dazzling presentations and elaborated and appealing brochures. Here are some pics, hope you’ll enjoy them 🙂
Maria Esther

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