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Podcast on eating healthy

Posted: May 30, 2017 in PODCAST

Hi everyone,

Here you have a great resource to expand vocabulary on eating healthy and environment protection.



Hi everyone!!

We’re finising the second week of our Art Relief Project in 4 ESO. Our students are doing a great job letting out the great artists in them to produce works of art we’ll exhibit in our school soon. The aim of this project is collecting food to donate to the Food Bank in Gran Canaria. We’ve just done a mannequin challenge video to let you see paert of our work. Do you want to see more? Come, see our Art Gallery and Donate for the Food Bank 🙂

Mª Esther


Creative Writing!

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Hello everyone,
Fifth and sixth primary have been enjoying doing some creative writing, they had to write a short fairytale and then design a book cover for it.

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Open Doors Day!

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Hello everybody,
Last week we welcomed the parents to our Open Doors Day. It was fun and we shared a nice time together! Have a nice week!


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Hi everyone,

In German, we use Apps like Quizlet for enhancing our vocabulary on a daily basis. Don’t forget to spend your daily 5-10 minutes!



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Hi everyone,

Last week we did our first controversy in the class of 4 ESO. The topic? Natural vs synthetic pigments in food. I know, it doesn’t sound really something you’d be passionate about…however, things are not always what they seem at the beginning. This is one of those cases. The groups that had to be defending artificial pigments were a bit down as they thought they wouldn’t find convincing arguments to back up their position. As they started to look for arguments they got more and more excited, they all grouped to pool their findings and came up with a quite sound list of arguments. The debate started, it was great, they were really engaged in discussing and defending their cases. Surprisingly, some groups decided that synthetic pigments were better at the end of the debate! This activity is really engaging and motivating! Just have a look at the pics, an image is worth thousand words!

Mª Esther

Flash the Turtle

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The boys and girls in primary 3 would like you to meet the new addition to their class – Flash the turtle.
They have drawn up a rota and are taking turns to look after him. So far he seems to be settling in well!

Welcome Flash!



This term has started with a dip into the fascinating world of multiple intelligences…

Using music to inspire creative writing, feelings and pictures…

Exploring words from the books on the board to get the students to figure out the importance they may have for the plot…

Using coloured pens to create a visual poster of words and pictures evoked by music…

Watching a trailer of the film version of the book we are about to read and relating it to our world knowledge…

Adapting a part of a Shakespeare play to a modern setting and language and acting it out…

Improvising a scene from a play and transferring the setting to a different place and time…

Reading a narrative like a play, taking on different parts and using voice to convey character…

Playing Kahoots to explore symbolism and to learn about different aspects about the book and author…

Thinking up parts of a Shakespeare play as an exit ticket…

Exploring the rural and urban aspects of Kabul in Afghanistan, Verona in Italy and many more places though 360cities where you can visit a place virtually…

Tapping into out fantasy world in a magic forest with fairies and the like…

In short, we have used all our intelligences to explore the pre- reading of our new readers. “What about the Interpersonal and Intrapersonal intelligences”, I hear you ask … well the Interpersonal has been used when working as a group and collaborating and cooperating with the others in class and… the intrapesonal has been explored when letting the music narrate a story in our heads. We will continue to explore these two (and all the others) further by using an amazing app called Seesaw; an online learning journal with adjacent blog. Stay tuned to the next blog entry for more exciting information about our creative world of Readers.

Patricia Bergström

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Goethe Exams!

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Hi everyone,

Our Students took their Goethe exam this Saturday and now they just need to wait for the results!

Well done & best luck everyone!!!


Reading Comprehension Questions

Posted: May 8, 2017 in GRAMMAR

Hello everyone!
I don’t know about you, but reading comprehension questions are definitely not my students’ cup of tea… so, after reading a report about rats!! we faced the ever present comprehension questions. My students looked at me, I looked at their faces and I knew we had to do something about it. Do you want to see them enjoy doing these dull questions? What this video and see it yourself.
Have fun 😉
María Esther