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Die Studenten der 4. Klasse haben letzte Woche Domino gespielt. Sie haben in Gruppen gearbeitet, um ihre Kenntnisse über das Verb `sein´ zu verbessern. Es war eine lustige und andere Form Grammatik zu lernen. Die Schüler hatten wirklich Spaß und jetzt beherrschen sie besser das Thema. Hier kannst du Einblick werfen. Genieß es!
4th Grade students played last week domino in German class. They worked in groups to improve their knowledge of the verb `sein´(to be). It was a fun and different way to learn grammar. Students really had fun and  they have now a better domain of the subject. Here you can take a look. Enjoy it!

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Halloween Mood!

Posted: October 29, 2017 in FUNNY ACTIVITIES

Dear all we have a new student in class, Anabelle👻👻👻. Here we are getting into a zombie mood🎃🎃🎃 and preparing everything for that day !!!!!! Scary Halloweennnnnn.
6th A.

At our garden!

Posted: October 29, 2017 in SCIENCE

Excited of getting our little hands into Mother Earth ! Planting is our game!



Halloween Characters!

Posted: October 27, 2017 in ARTS, Uncategorized
Hello everyone,
Fourth primary are currently enjoying the build up to Halloween by drawing their favourite scary characters from books or films.  Annabelle the evil doll has been a firm favourite.

Hi everyone,

This week my students have used a very useful website to practice different contents for Social Studies:
They learned all countries in the European Union and had fun while learning. 😊

Hi people,
I’m afraid I have some terrible news to tell you. A huge meteorite is about to hit the earth meaning the end of our civilization. But don’t worry. We have a team of scientists among our 1 ESO students who have found the solution for that threat, and they had a lot of fun researching for it.
Enjoy it,

Hi everyone,
For Library day, I shared my favorite childhood book,  Goosebumps “Let´s Get Invisible!”, the students then had to create a really scary, intense, breathtaking, and peaceful book. Apart from making a wonderful cover.

Well done everyone!

Miss Rose



Library Day Poster!

Posted: October 25, 2017 in READERS, SPECIAL OCCASIONS

Hello, everyone!!!

This is 3r grade Primary. How are you doing? We would like to show you in this first post what we have been working on lately….
We have been preparing our Library Day poster. We have worked hard in class, talking about favourite childhood book and our teacher’s and making mini-posters with that information. Finally, we have created this wonderful poster. Hope you like it!

Unser Körper!

Posted: October 24, 2017 in GERMAN, Uncategorized
Die Schüler der 3 Klasse haben die letzte Woche an einem kleinen Projekt teilgenommen. Sie hatten die Möglichkeit, ihren Körper besser kennenzulernen. Das Ergebnis sind schöne Wandbilder mit den Namen der Körperteile, die wir gerade in der ersten Lektion lernen.
Hier kannst du sehen, wie das Projekt aussieht. Genieß es!
3rd Grade took part in a small project last week. They had the opportunity to get to know their bodies better. The result are beautiful displays with the names of the body parts that we learnt in the first lesson. Here you can see how the project looks.
Enjoy it!


Posted: October 24, 2017 in SOCIAL STUDIES
In Social Studies students have been learning about landscapes. They have revised the landforms and identified natural and man-made landscapes. They have worked in pairs and during the following weeks they will do the group project. They will receive, for example, the description of a coastal, mountain, man- made landscapes with various landformas and instructions and they will have to draw or paint following the instructions. During our last lesson students watched the video about landscapes and bodies of water.. Here is the link to the video. Hope you will like it.