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Games Based Learning

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In the following link you may find different educational games that can be used as a reward in class. There are different categories related to history, nature, crosswords… Computer Based Learning is an important tool we can use to reward students. I hope you can give it a good use!


Origins of Television

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Hi fellows,
Here´s a video that can be used to discuss the origins of television. It´s taken from Discovery Channel and it tells you who really discovered it and what were the first TV sets like. It can be used with advanced learners of English.

Teaching Writing?

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Hi there,
Here´s a website that helps teachers with wirting lessons. It has different graphic organisers, ideas how to write a paragraph and exercises to practise various types of writing (essays, descriptions etc.) I hope you´ll find it helpful.

Interesting Links!

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This website is quite useful for primary teachers. It includes photocopiable 


This one should be appropriate for revising with secondary groups.   



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Last  Saturday 24th March at ten o’clock, all students, teachers and parents joined for the Opening Ceremony of our XIX Olympiad, a ceremony with the participation of all students from our school. They showed us, through music, different choreography and artistic performances, an allegory of the history of television. It was a show in which specific objectives were dumped in different areas of learning and it culminated with the effort and commitment of a project as complex as the integral formation of our students. In the program that was delivered at the entrance, we could  read a summary of the activities in which students showed their work in rehearsals and workshops with different gymnastics and rhythmic exercises. The program showed also a part of the set designed by students and in particular the Lighting of the Olympic Flame at 12.30 which leaded to a week in which classes are also scheduled with cultural activities and sports.

Have a look at the pictures at the following website:

Watching TV in French

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Hi there,

TV5   is the first global TV channel in French. It is present in over 200 countries and on the internet. The topics included in their programmes cover different type of  information, sports, movies, documentaries, entertainment and fiction. There is also a space for teaching and learning French. Here is a series of short documentaries for children in French. Have a go!


Life now and then

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Hi everybody!

As you know, this term our 4th grade students are learning about differences between life in the past and today’s life, these differences include lifestyles, types of houses, food, clothes,… For this reason, we have visited the following website, where you can find a lot of information about Ancient Greeks and you can also do some activities, as for example, the quiz to practice what you have learnt.




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Our Y11 an Y12 students are participating in an English Movie Contest. They have to create their own English movie about any topic related to their generation. They have done great movies! Go to the following link and have a look!  Moreover you can help them by voting your favourite one(s)!!

Hi, everyone,

This is a very good website to solve your doubts about the german language. It is written in English, so you get to practise two languages at once!




Celebrating Carnival

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Our school has celebrated Carnival last week.  Fourth grade students have prepared a great celebration. Firstly, we have eaten our typical “tortitas de carnaval” and we have taken some pictures of our costumes, this year, related to “Indianos”.  Then, all the groups sang their funny songs about school, teachers and subjects. We also went for a walk with the sardine and finally, we played some games in the classroom.

We had a great time celebrating our Carnival, here you can find some photos of the celebration!

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