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Hi everyone,

Word Island is a very effective and appealing app for students to revise basic vocabulary and learn some new words at the same time they are playing and competing. Try and they will be hooked on it.


Hello everyone!

I’ve just come across a new App I really like: Venn diagram. As you can easily infer, it’s for producing this type of diagrams. I’ve already used it with my baccalaureate students. My group of 1bac has used it to compare and contrast passive and active voice; while my 2bac students have analysed the similarities and differences between present perfect and past perfect. I send some pics of their work.
I hope you find it as interesting as me! Let me know whether you use it!

All best!

María Esther


Hi everyone!
I’ve come across this App, it looks promising to give speaking practice a go in a fun way:
Voki is a talking avatar students can design and easily post on a blog or website. Sue Waters has written excellent step-by-step instructions on how to post a Voki.
Maria Esther

We have had a blast this last week both in Readers and in Ethics, where the app Kahoot has allowed us to have a great time learning and refreshing our memory of concepts.

In Readers we used the Kahoot first to help students focus on key aspects and then, the students themselves created Kahoots on different chapters, trying to catch their peers out with difficult questions. In Ethics, we first used a Kahoot created by me, to check the understanding and intake of key concepts from the unit on Democracy, and then, the students were given different parts of the unit on Human Rights, to work on and then teach, by means of the Kahoot quizzes. I must say that this app has a magic effect on students as they didn’t even realise it was time for their break!!


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Hi everyone!
As an after-Easter activity, I’ve asked my students to produce a video using the App Adobe Voice ( ), a great App to produce amazing videos very easily. I send the link of Rocío, a student in 2 ESO, as an example. I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I have:
Have fun;)
Maria Esther
Hi everyone,

Download the app “RWT timeline” from the app store, and start creating timelines. It’s very useful if you are working on social studies and need to place kings and important events in chronological order.  We are using it as an extension activity in class to talk about Spain during the XIX century. You can later have a picture and share it. I hope you give it a good use!

Hi everyone,

This week 1ESO students are creating their own comic strips on all sort of topics related to the animal world.

They are using the free app Comic Maker. There´s a tutorial on youtube that gives them interesting ideas on how to create comic strips. Here´s the link:

Cool Apps!

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Hi there,

Check out this cool app I found for education. I thought you might like to check it out.

Here is the link: Bitsboard

Let me know what you think! 🙂


Shadow Puppet!

Posted: October 24, 2014 in APS IN THE ESL CLASSROOM


This is a great tool for our classes. With Shadow Puppet Edu you can create a tutorial video, in order to explain with photos or even videos, anything yo umight think of.
Take a look at this tutorial video: