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Students became teachers!

Posted: January 25, 2018 in SOCIAL STUDIES
Hi everyone,
The kids in 5th A  have been teaching their classmates. Each group learnt about one part of the unit “The Middle Ages” : Al-Andalus, Reconquista, Medieval cities… then they explained to the rest of the class .
It was a good experience for them and they enjoyed it.
Hi everyone,
This week 5th B, has been learning from the Muslim invasion of the Repopulation of Christian Kingdoms. And Abd al-Rahman! Which was the most important city in Al-Andalus? Sharing is just not sharing. Rather exploring and living it! To be continue…


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Hi everyone,

In 6th A and B we are learning about the Industrial Revolution and we find that video were interesting and the kids loved it. It is important to know about the past so we can improve the future 😉.

Noelia and Silvia.

Ancient Civilisations

Posted: January 18, 2018 in SOCIAL STUDIES

Hi everyone,

During this term 4th primary students will learn about mythology and ancient civilisations. They are going to read myths and fables as well as get to know some ancient civilisations (Greek, Roman, Egyptian).
This week they have watched the video showing them different Greek gods and goddesses. Here is the link to the video:
Hope you will like it.

Life Baqua Project Talk

Posted: December 20, 2017 in SCIENCE, SOCIAL STUDIES

Hi everyone,

This week we had a very interesting talk by a member of the Life Baqua Project which offers solutions through the new use for a waste of banana crop to develop products in aquaculture and plastics sector.

The experience was great and we learn many things about how to reuse banana crops!

Well done!



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Posted: October 24, 2017 in SOCIAL STUDIES
In Social Studies students have been learning about landscapes. They have revised the landforms and identified natural and man-made landscapes. They have worked in pairs and during the following weeks they will do the group project. They will receive, for example, the description of a coastal, mountain, man- made landscapes with various landformas and instructions and they will have to draw or paint following the instructions. During our last lesson students watched the video about landscapes and bodies of water.. Here is the link to the video. Hope you will like it.


Learning Spanish Geography!

Posted: June 14, 2017 in SOCIAL STUDIES

Here is our blog activity for this week. Our 6th primary students are studying geography of Spain. We are going to work on the project and see different videos. Here is one of them.

Agata, Noelia and Xerach

Hi everyone,

In 2nd ESO we are learning about how we humans have had an impact on the environment.

Examples can be in many forms:
1) Modifying the natural landscape, deforestation, agriculture and urban growth.
2) Environmental pollution, atmospheric, water and soil pollution.
3) The impact of population growth and urban spread.

Students are producing projects on a environmental issue of their choosing.
Firstly they are assessing what the problem is and understanding the consequence of doing nothing about it (why it matters).
Secondly they are researching who, or what is causing the environmental issue.
Lastly they are thinking about what they can do to improve or solve the issue. Whether it be in the form of direct action for example recycling, or indirect action i.e. raising awareness to the public or government organisations.

The following thought provoking video is an example about how the choices of an individuals travel arrangements can impact the environment.




Learning Geography!

Posted: June 4, 2017 in SOCIAL STUDIES

Hi everyone!

We’ve found the following interactive maps where students can learn the different autonomous communities, capitals or countries in Europe. We are working on this topic this term. I hope you give it a good use!

Noelia, Agata and Xerach

Hi everyone,

During this term in social studies we are working on vocabulary and issues related to the planet, the weather, the climate, the environment etc.
Here is the link to a quiz on forces of nature vocabulary. Hope you will like it.

Agata, Xerach, Noelia