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Hi folks,

The students in third year have been learning all about different machines and how they work. They have been working hard, collecting information and making their own models of different machines. This week they began presenting their projects and they loved showing off their creations.

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Hi everyone,
Last week we visited a vivarium in Mogán and children had fun and learnt a lot about different plants. Finally they planted seeds they can pick up in couple weeks.

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Hi everyone,

In  2 ESO we have been learning about how cities and urbanizations have developed over the centuries.
How and why the cities have had to adapt to changes in society and the economy.

They have been learning about the importance of urban planning and the impact on the environment if it is not done correctly.
The different classifications of cities from world cities (influences of finance and politics on the world), National cities (important for each country for services and national institutions) and Regional cities (medium sized cities and often regional capitals)

They have been discussing in class the advantages and disadvantages of urbanizations.


Hello everyone!
We’ve started the last unit in 2 ESO (hurray!) dealing with sea monsters. We read an extract of a sonnet about kraken. We just loved it! So, we decided to find out more about English sonnets. And so we did. The kids googled “English sonnets” and we learnt about its structure and rhyme scheme. Then, I challenged them to write their own sonnets about a mythical creature. I wasn’t really confident that they would like this activity, you know… poetry sounds like boring 😋 … but they did!!! And here’s the outcome, isn’t it awesome ?

Enjoy 😉
Maria Esther

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Designing our Castles!

Posted: May 18, 2016 in ARTS

Hello everyone,

Over the past few weeks third primary have been enjoying learning many things related to castles, designing their own dream castles and coat of arms, we’ve also been having fun drawing dragons, witches and unicorns.

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Working with materials

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This week the 5th year students have been testing different materials to find out which ones make the best electrical conductors and insulators. Here they are, pleased with their findings!

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Goethe Exams!

Posted: May 18, 2016 in GERMAN, SPECIAL OCCASIONS

Hi folks,

After long and persistent preparation during the whole school year,
our students finally got the chance to prove their German knowledge.
Last Saturday, eight students of 6th primary and 1st and 2nd ESO took
part in external German exams “Fit in Deutsch” of the Goethe
Institute. They have done a wonderful job with listening, reading,
writing and speaking activities.

Die Schüler unserer Schule haben ganz viel von Deutsch gelernt und
geübt in diesem Schuljahr. Am letzten Samstag haben acht Schüler der
6. Primäre und 1. und 2. ESO Klassen auf der offiziellen deutschen
Prüfung „Fit in Deutsch“ von Goethe Institut teilgenommen. Sie hatten
viel Erfolg beim Hören, Lesen, Schreiben und Sprechen.
On the picture (from left) / Auf dem Bild (von links) Fabio Lovisi 6A,
Guillermo Prieto 6B, Alejandro Armas 2ESO B, Hao Sun 1ESO A, Callie
Callow 1ESO A, Sofía Gómez 6B, Alejandro Guillen 2ESO A, Peter Bonnes
6A (not on the picture / nicht auf dem Bild).

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Revising Comparison

Posted: May 18, 2016 in REVISION ACTIVITIES
Hi folks,
I am planning to revise the comparison of adjectives with 5th primary. I have found a nice activity to start with. This is a True/false test that will give me some idea about their understanding of the subject so far.
I hope you will like it. Here is the link:
Enjoy it!

Weather & Climate

Posted: May 18, 2016 in SCIENCE, SOCIAL STUDIES

Hello, everyone!!!

This is 5th grade. It’s been a long time since we sent the last post. We’ve been really busy working and having lots of activities. We are now in the middle of the last term, getting ready to finish the school year and preparing the last exams.

Lately, we’ve been working on Weather and Climate and Maps. We knew many things about these topics but we have also learnt some new amazing facts. Here you are some videos you can watch if you want to learn more about them.

And if you are really good at Geography, here you are a challenging page where you can test your knowledge!

This is all by now. We’ll post soon our projects about the Solar System. Have a nice week!!!


Hi folks,

Students of 3rd were working on the past simple so I asked them to bring some photos of their last holidays. They described where and when they went and what they did and these are some examples… Now,they are going to show the pictures to their classmates.

Hope you like it!!