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This term we started using Seesaw, a wonderful online learning journal. We have been using it for Readers and also for the interdisciplinary project 4 ESO carried out on Tenerife in the Teide National Park.

For Readers in 3 ESO up to 1 BACH, the students have been reading at home using class time for tasks and reflections that they share and comment on in the seesaw app.

While in Tenerife, the students had to explore their surroundings through the perspective of the multiple intelligences, taking representative pictures for each of the 8 intelligences and then explaining their reasons for selecting them. They then had to assemble the photos into a visually attractive collage and since all the work done is shared through Seesaw, everyone can comment and like each other’s work.

In Readers, the students in 3 ESO and in the intermediate groups of 4 ESO and 1 Bach, have designed their own project by selecting tasks from 6 of the multiple intelligences, having to carry out some individually and some in groups, and again sharing them on seesaw to comply with the intrapersonal intelligence by reflecting on their reading and work and the interpersonal intelligence by commenting on their class mate’s work.

Have a look at the pictures for a better idea!



Hello everyone,
This week fifth primary have been researching all kinds of weird and wonderful things from around the globe, so far they’ve discovered there is an actual tomato fighting sport, somewhere people have to have the same haircuts and carnivorous insects actually exist!
I’m looking forward to hearing all about the others things that they have found too.
What a strange world we all live in.

Hi everyone!!

We’re finising the second week of our Art Relief Project in 4 ESO. Our students are doing a great job letting out the great artists in them to produce works of art we’ll exhibit in our school soon. The aim of this project is collecting food to donate to the Food Bank in Gran Canaria. We’ve just done a mannequin challenge video to let you see paert of our work. Do you want to see more? Come, see our Art Gallery and Donate for the Food Bank πŸ™‚

MΒͺ Esther


These last weeks we have been working in class writing the script and creating puppets for our puppets show. It has been a fantastic and amazing activity class to promote cooperative work and spending a great time together!

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Hi everyone,

Students of 3rd Primary did a project that combined Social Studies (Countries) and English (going to). They are touristic guides of a place and explain the things we can do there. They were very creative bringing clothes according to the place, doing very interesting presentations and enjoying the chance of working together. Here you have the result…

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Well done!




Our mini project regarding units 3,4&12 was already presented last week!

Excellent work from everybody:)

Regards from 4EP


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Work Planner!


Hello everyone πŸ™‚

This week I’ll be posting something I find really useful when it comes to organising small projects. It is a work planner I’ve started to use this year and which I find really useful. It’s a cooperative learning structure, so two birds at the same shot πŸ™‚
Avoid the pitfall I made the first time I used it in class. I took it for granted that my students (1 bac) would know how to do it, but they didn’t. So, We di it all together in class now until they become familiar with it. The part that is most difficult for them is organising their work into the Nuremberg of sessions alloted.

Hope you find it useful too πŸ˜‰
MarΓ­a Esther


Hi everyone,

Here you are one of the projects we are working on 6th C students. We’ve been practising continuos tenses and explain it to the rest of the class. The best presentation will be uploaded soon here……who is going to it best???.

Noelia Ramirez Duarte.

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Teachers for a day!


Hi folks,

This week our 1 ESO students have been practising the 4-2-1 technique used in cooperative learning to explain and revise together the main verbal tenses used in English. Afterwards, they created their own activities to test students and they felt like teachers for one day.

Well done!


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