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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

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Getting in the Christmas Mood!

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Hi everyone,

Students of 3rd are in Christmas mood! They made a very original paper tree. First, they painted the paper in green and did a triangle. They cut the part they don’t need and started to cut the rest of the paper in small parts. Then, they open the paper and started to stick in the centre. The last step is to decorate the way they want to and… here you are the results!! Amazing and creative job!


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Hi everyone,

In Readers we have been busy doing mini projects on the Books we are about to start reading.

All students have been working collaboratively in pairs, to create little booklets where they hD to decorate the front cover with words previously made from the letters in the title of the book. The initial word finding competition worked very well and they were all trying their hardest to find more words than the other teams. They then had to find information about the book itself and its author and include this inside their booklets in the format of their choice. The result is a marvellous collection of highly personalised little projects on the books, that all the students will have the opportunity to read and share. This project has been a warm up to the actual reading and the next project that will involve the media.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Readers!


Drawing a poinsettia!

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Hey all,
This week 3rd primary have been learning how to draw a poinsettia plant, we talked about its colours, shapes and of course how it becomes a popular houseplant over the Christmas period.

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Optical Illusions

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This week in sixth primary, we have been looking at various types of optical illusions and we have been trying to figure out the reason why our eyes play tricks on us.
While they were preparing their presentations, the students came across quite a few interesting websites with interactive optical illusions. Here is the link to one of their favourites:

This site has lots of interesting illusions, along with explanations. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Karen and 6th primary.

Hello everyone!

This year we’re preparing a group of students for the IELTS exam. We’ve already started preparing different parts of the test. Now we’re focusing on the writing tasks and we’re starting with writing task 1, which consists of describing a chart. Alto uh it’s not difficult, they aren’t used to doing it, so they need some training. I attach two useful links below to help them with this writing task.

Hope you’ll find them useful!
María Esther

How we Breathe!

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Hi folks,

This week in Lab, the fourth year students were revising the respiratory system. They worked together to create a replica system using balloons, straws, plasticine….and their imagination!
Here you can see how it all went…


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Thanksgiving Day!

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Hello, everyone!
This is 5th grade. Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving Day. We had many activities prepared by the school; some of them to be done in class and others outdoors!! We had fun and commemorated that celebration. It’s much more than eating!!!
Here you have some pictures of us working and the final result: a wonderful poster where we express all the things we are thankful for…
Hope you like it!


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