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Resources for Infants Teachers!

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Are you an infants teacher? Lucky you. This website includes a wide range of enjoyable activities to practise with your kids.

Enjoy it!





Working on past perfect!

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Hi everyone,

This week we have been working on a project about the past perfect in German on 3 ESO. They look really good as class decoration, as well as they give them a daily reminder about the German contents they should study!



In dieser Woche haben die Schüler der Klasse 4.ESO ihre Projekte präsentiert. Das Thema war „Wie schmeckt’s uns?“ Die Schüler haben Rezepte geschrieben, alle Zutaten gekauft und Speisen zu Hause präpariert. Sie haben alles in einem Video erklärt. Andere Schüler haben neue Rezepte, wie Kokoskugeln, Brownie oder Weihnachtskekse gelernt. Alle Essen war super lecker!
The students of 4.ESO have presented their projects during this week. The topic was “How does it taste?” The students wrote their recipes, bought all ingredients and prepared the meals at home. They explained everything in a video. Other students learned new recipes such as coconut balls, brownie and Christmas cookies. All the food was very tasty!

Hi everyone,

Students of 3rd primary are starting to create Power Point documents. This is the result of the first lessons.

Well done!


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How the world works!

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Hello, everyone!!

This is 5th grade. As you all know we’ve started a new project: HOW THE WORLD WORKS. We’re going to answer big questions such as ‘Why are wheels important?’ and ‘What do cultures give to the world?’ It’s a very interesting topic and we really want to learn more about it. To start with, we’ve watched in class the following video and we were amazed about how important a wheel was and is!!

We’ll continue searching to find out more about the topic!

Post you soon!



Verbs plus adjectives!

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This week 5th primary students have practised sense verbs plus adjectives. Apart from explanation and exercises from the student´s book, we have also used the iPad to practise this sense verbs worksheet that I previously uploaded on iTunesU.
Here is the link to the website where I found it.


Working with our new computers!

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Hello everybody!

Last week we started working with the new computers in the classroom! Now children can also look for information while they work in the project!
We also said goodbye to Izabella from 4ºA. Have a nice week!

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Hello everyone!
This week we’ve been working on collocations with the students in 1 Baccalaureate. We’ve done a Venn diagram to represent the differences and similarities in use. They had a good time working on it all together, layng their hands on paper rather than on the iPad for a change 🙂
Here’s the result, hope you find it useful for your lessons.
Have fun!
Mª Esther

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Our School Trip

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This week, the students of the 3.ESO are working on projects. The
topic is: “Our school trip.” The students have to write a text about
their school trip and attach it together with pictures on a cardboard.
They will present the projects in the next week.
In dieser Woche machen die Schüler der Klasse 3ESO Projekte. Das Thema
ist „Unsere Klassenfahrt.“ Die Schüler müssen in Gruppen einen Text
über ihre Klassenfahrt schreiben und den, zusammen mit Bildern, auf
einen Karton hinzufügen. In nächster Woche werden sie die Projekte
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Hi everyone,
In 2 ESO we have been learning about Medieval Cities.
Cities were formed and expanded due to increased trading activities of Artisans who clubbed together to form Guilds.
These Guilds set quality standards and working practices in medieval times. The video below explains the function of guild during medieval times.