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Revision games!

Posted: March 29, 2017 in REVISION ACTIVITIES

Hello, everyone!!
Just a couple of very short posts. The first one is to recommend you a site where you can revise the Irregular Verbs forms. Do you think you’re good enough to be the winner? Do you dare playing? Ready, steady,…go!

As you know, Olympics are near… We’re practising every day! This year we have also learnt some words in sign language. Do you want to know which ones? And why? Come to see us this Saturday. It’s going to be an awesome show!!!
This is all by now! Post you soon!




During the last two weeks 6th primary students have been doing some reinforcement activities to improve their vocabulary and also review grammar tenses. This week they have done some activities related to the weather. Here is a website they can use as a reference while doing these activities as it contains quite detailed vocabulary.

Hope you will like it.
Agata, Xerach and Noelia

Revising Comparison

Posted: May 18, 2016 in REVISION ACTIVITIES
Hi folks,
I am planning to revise the comparison of adjectives with 5th primary. I have found a nice activity to start with. This is a True/false test that will give me some idea about their understanding of the subject so far.
I hope you will like it. Here is the link:
Enjoy it!

Hi everyone,

This week we have been revising Conditional Sentences and our Y12 students have created some posters to revise key points on conditional Sentences. Here you have!

Enjoy them!


Conditionals – Felipe and AnnaConditional poster- Rui & SergioConditionals Norman and AntonioConditionals-Nora and Samuel sConditionals – Valeria and Cloe

Speculation and Deduction!

Posted: December 1, 2014 in REVISION ACTIVITIES
Hello everyone!
We’ve been working on modal verbs last week and this week in 4 eso. Students got into small groups and did an activity to help them understand better the different uses and meaning of verbs for speculation and deduction. This is the result: summarising tables and visual diagrams. They’re really self-explaining. Hope you’ll find them useful!
All best,
María Esther

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Revising Tenses!

Posted: November 27, 2014 in REVISION ACTIVITIES

Do your students have problems with verbal tenses? Timelines will be quite helpful for them to understand when the action takes place

Enjoy it!


Tense revision with videos!

Posted: November 26, 2014 in REVISION ACTIVITIES
Hello everyone 🙂
We’ve started to learn about future tenses in 1 eso. As there’re several tenses mixed, I’ve found these tutorials that are quite clear. The explain the different ways of expressing the future in English. Hope you find them useful 🙂
All best,
María Esther

Revising Tenses!

Posted: May 15, 2014 in REVISION ACTIVITIES

Hello mates,
This week 5th graders are still working on present perfect. Although it is one of the easiest verbal tense, students need to improve the structure and the past participle of the verbs.
This time they enjoyed a ppt document with the explanation, some examples and exercises. As they are still young, I jumped details like the adverbs yet, already, ever, never.
Here you are the link.
I hope you like it.

Hello everyone,
This week we’re “conditional”!! It’s just a coincidence, but in several groups we’re studying the first types of conditionals. So, as we’re conditioned by the conditional sentences, I’ve found some useful links to practise and get -even more!- conditional. In fact, IF you do all of them, you’ll have no problems to pass this content 😉
Have fun 🙂
Mª Esther

Hi everyone,

Our students are learning about irregular verbs during this term so, as they need to practice, I recommend you to visit these websites you can find useful for this purpose. Students will enjoy irregular verbs if they practice them through online activities.

Hope you enjoy it!