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Revision games!

Posted: March 29, 2017 in REVISION ACTIVITIES

Hello, everyone!!
Just a couple of very short posts. The first one is to recommend you a site where you can revise the Irregular Verbs forms. Do you think you’re good enough to be the winner? Do you dare playing? Ready, steady,…go!

As you know, Olympics are near… We’re practising every day! This year we have also learnt some words in sign language. Do you want to know which ones? And why? Come to see us this Saturday. It’s going to be an awesome show!!!
This is all by now! Post you soon!



Happy Easter!

Posted: March 28, 2017 in ACTIVITIES IN THE CLASSROOM

Hi everyone,
We have been doing some Easter activities this week. Here is one of them. It is a writing task. Students have to find Easter eggs on the picture and describe where they are.
Here is the link.


Xerach, Noelia and Agata

These last weeks we have been working in class writing the script and creating puppets for our puppets show. It has been a fantastic and amazing activity class to promote cooperative work and spending a great time together!

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Talking about Prehistory!

Posted: March 23, 2017 in SOCIAL STUDIES

Hi everyone,

In 1 ESO Social Studies we are about to start project work on Prehistory, the period before history started i.e. before writing was invented.

In the unit we are going to learn about how humans have evolved over a period of time and our ancient descendants.
We will be learning about the different periods of prehistory and how humans have gone from hunter gatherers to sedentary farmers. The type of tools they used, how they lived and what archaeologists found to show that these people existed.

Below is an interesting video that shows the evolution of mankind over this period, hope you enjoy it.

Enjoy it!


Hi everyone,

Students of 3rd Primary did a project that combined Social Studies (Countries) and English (going to). They are touristic guides of a place and explain the things we can do there. They were very creative bringing clothes according to the place, doing very interesting presentations and enjoying the chance of working together. Here you have the result…

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Well done!



Hello everyone,

I’ve just come across this great resource for activities related to multiple intelligences and Apps that could be used for each of them. I hope you find them useful and look forward to hearing from your experiences.

Have fun 🙂
María Esther


During the last two weeks 6th primary students have been doing some reinforcement activities to improve their vocabulary and also review grammar tenses. This week they have done some activities related to the weather. Here is a website they can use as a reference while doing these activities as it contains quite detailed vocabulary.

Hope you will like it.
Agata, Xerach and Noelia

Much or Many?


Hi everyone,

In the following link, students may do exercises related to much/many. This is one of the exercises that will appear in the writing part and they must be able to see what’s the difference. I hope you may give it a good use!

Noelia, Xerach and Agata

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Posted: March 16, 2017 in Uncategorized


Hi everyone,

As we have received some questions from students about the carnival in the UK. We have decided to make students familiar with it. We have some activities we are going to upload on iTunesU for them. We hope you will like them.

Agata, Xerach & Noelia