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Are you curious about your grammar and punctuation knowledge? Take this quiz and guess if you know more than you think.
Enjoy it!
Hi everyone,
In 1 ESO we are learning about the environment, natural and man made disasters.
The BBC has an interesting section, that explores various natural disasters. They will be using this along with other materials to compile an assignment.about the Environment.
Enjoy it!

Happy New Year!

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Hello everyone,

1st primary up to 1BI have been helping me by drawing brilliant monkeys to help decorate the school for the belated Chinese New Year celebration 🎉
Cheers from

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This is 5th grade and we would like to show you the way we are preparing our term project: Answering the Big Questions.
We have been preparing the project in class, searching the information and planning our Keynote or iMovie presentation. But this time, we also had a session out of the classroom to record! It has been an interesting experience because we could choose the best places. Here you are some of our pictures. We were learning and having fun. Perfect!
Post you soon!
P.S.: Happy Carnival!!

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Homes around the World!

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Hi everyone,

This week 5th primary have been completing some activities in the reading book (Homes around the world) they’ve been learning about many different types of buildings from detached houses to skyscrapers in great detail.
Well done to all of them 🙂


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Hi everyone,

Students of 3rd wrote a letter and give to a classmate. They talked about their plans for the summer so they could use the grammar structure of this term: ‘going to’. Here you have some pictures to see the result…


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Phrasal Verbs!

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Hi there,

This week with 2ESO we´ve come across with phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs as we know are a great way to enhance our vocabulary repertoire. This link I´m attaching bellow is a great resource to look up phrasal verbs for students of all leves. All you need to do is click on the initial letter of the verb you want to find about and there you go, you will be able to see a thorough list of up to 1000 phrasal verbs. What´s not to like about it?

Child Cancer Awareness Day

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Hi folks.

As always our IB students are busy bees, and they are always involved in some kind of interesting experience involving creativity, activity or service. Right now our 1IB students are immersed in a wonderful gardening project, where they are designing an ecological garden that can later be used to do workshops with the other students in the school. You can see in the pictures that there is still a lot to be done, but little by little we will soon have an amazing green space to enjoy.

This week we also had Child Cancer Awareness Day and our 1IB students made some lovely bookmarks that they sold together with bracelets in order to raise money for the Spanish Cancer Asociation (AECC).

Since our 2 IB students have been busy doing their mock exams, they have had less emphasis on CAS experiences in school these last 2 weeks, but they are carrying out their individual activities that range from helping out at a dog shelter to singing.

 Patricia Bergström, CAS Coordinator

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The Power of Kahoot

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Hi everyone,

Wow! It is amazing how a Quiz App can really get the students working. In 3 ESO Int we have been using Kahoot to create our own quizzes on different chapters of Robinson Crusoe. Apart from getting the students to read the chapters very thoroughly to find interesting and original questions for their peers, they also had to work on how to word the questions and what options to include. We then had a great time playing with the different groups competing against each other. The children really went over key concepts from the chapters and at the same time had a lot of fun.

This week we are repeating the experience in 4 ESO Int with Sherlock Holmes Short Stories, where instead of a chapter we are applying the quizzes to one of the stories: The Man with the Twisted Lip.

Patricia Bergström

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Selling Products!

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Hello Everyone!

Here we have some projects we created with Adobe voice last term. We were working with the economy and we created some ads talking about a few products we had to sell. If you want to check them out, download “Qrafter” in your device and scan the following QR codes. There you will find the link, just click on it and enjoy. They are quite funny!

See you at school,