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Hi everyone,

Looking for new and different ways of starting your lessons? Here you have an interesting website where you can have a look!

Enjoy it!




Hi everyone,

During this week, the students of the 3 ESO revised the comparative
and superlative forms of adjectives. Since learning with the book can
sometimes be boring, we did more fun activity instead. The students
asked each other about their age and height and wrote the answers in a
chart on the board. Then they used the data and were comparing
themselves using the comparative form of adjectives. At the end, they
named the tallest and oldest person in the class.

In dieser Woche wiederholen die Schüler der Klasse 3 ESO die
Komparative und Superlative. Lernen mit dem Buch kann manchmal
langweilig sein. Dafür machen wir eine andere Aktivität. Die Schüler
fragen die andere Schüler über ihre Alter, Größe usw. und schreiben
die Antworten in einer Tabelle an der Tafel. Dann benutzen sie die
Datei und vergleichen sich mit den anderen in Komparativ. Zum Schluss
nennen sie die Größte und Älteste Person in der Klasse.


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Reading Rumpelstiltskin!

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Hello everyone,

Third primary are currently reading the fairytale “Rumpelstiltskin” they have been having fun giving the characters unique voices to enhance reading enjoyment and they’ve been creating picture dictionaries to decorate their classrooms to strengthen reading comprehension.

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DELE lessons!

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Hi everyone,
This week we have started talking about the future with my DELE students. We have intoduced the future simple tense, but we are also going to do the conditional and future perfect. I have find this useful resource that includes an explanation with time expressions a variety of exercises (grammar, reading, writing and speaking). It is aimed at B1 DELE students and we will use it as a help and do some activities. It also includes self-evaluation. Here is the link:
Enjoy it!
Good morning everybody,
We are considering to give every kid the chance to try how being the teacher is at least for half an hour. So one of our girls has started already and she was helping me out by correcting some essays. We will keep you updated :). Enjoy your week. 4 E.P.B


Hello, everyone!!!

This is 5th grade. This time we would like to share a video with you about the invention of money. We’re working on our Big Question: ’Why is Money Important?’ This is the link

We have started a new project this term: Where We Are in Place and Time. We are learning about important things about our planet, our history and geography.

Soon we’ll post you about what we’re doing in class. Take care!




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Hi everyone.

In Citizenship, students are working on Children’s right. With the help of these pictures,they guess its meaning and the right it deals with. In addition, they represent the pictures to the rest of the class and give their opinion or add more ideas to this topic.

Hope you enjoy!



Weather & Climate

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Hi everyone,

Over the last couple of weeks, 1 ESO have been learning about weather and climate.
We have been reading about how the weather can affect day to day life. For example in some parts of Africa due to low levels of precipitation there are water shortages. This impacts on some children’s lives as they can’t go to school because they have to walk for miles to collect clean water from wells for their families.
We have also been learning how harmful greenhouse gasses release into the atmosphere can impact on global warming and the potential harm it can cause to the environment.

Well done!


Hello everyone,
We’ve started the second trimester as we mean to go on – full of energy and motivation! During the lab sessions this week we have been using an interesting website that has fun activities for all age groups.
You can also use this at home to try out some of the experiments or learn some interesting facts. The students really enjoy it:

Hope you have fun trying out these activities, there are plenty to choose from.


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Hello everyone,

I’ve been using this website for a while now and it’s great for enhancing our students creative  writing skills, if you have a little spare time take a look at the link attached…