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Crazy Collocations!

Posted: May 8, 2018 in GRAMMAR

Hi everyone!
Sometimes the English language is a bit confusing 😉 is it have or make a party? Do you do or take a photo? Do you do or make an effort? We’ve been working on the different collocations with the verbs take/have/do/make and as it wasn’t that clear, we decided to represent it visually. Some groups did a Venn diagram on the notebook, others did it on their iPad to represent them. Here’s the result. Hope it helps to clear  these collocations.


Mª Esther


Hi folks,
This week we have introduced the third conditional.
Here is an interactive match-up quiz that can be done as a warm-up activity.

Hope you will like it.
Agata, Noelia, Xerach

Reading Comprehension Questions

Posted: May 8, 2017 in GRAMMAR

Hello everyone!
I don’t know about you, but reading comprehension questions are definitely not my students’ cup of tea… so, after reading a report about rats!! we faced the ever present comprehension questions. My students looked at me, I looked at their faces and I knew we had to do something about it. Do you want to see them enjoy doing these dull questions? What this video and see it yourself.
Have fun 😉
María Esther


During the last two weeks 6th primary students have been doing some reinforcement activities to improve their vocabulary and also review grammar tenses. This week they have done some activities related to the weather. Here is a website they can use as a reference while doing these activities as it contains quite detailed vocabulary.

Hope you will like it.
Agata, Xerach and Noelia

Much or Many?


Hi everyone,

In the following link, students may do exercises related to much/many. This is one of the exercises that will appear in the writing part and they must be able to see what’s the difference. I hope you may give it a good use!

Noelia, Xerach and Agata

Revising Causative Verbs!

Posted: February 4, 2017 in GRAMMAR

Hi everyone,
Here’s an excellent video that explains causative verbs (have something done)

Enjoy it!


Reported Speech Revision

Posted: February 3, 2017 in GRAMMAR, Uncategorized

Hi people!
Who says that teaching Reported Speech must be boring? We can find lots of dialogues in different sources, such as songs, waiting for our students to be reported. And then, we can all sing along if we feel like it.

We had a blast this week doing just that.

See you!




Hi everyone,

In this unit we have started working on relative clauses. This grammar point will be developed in the following units. We have started with some simple activities. Here is the link to one of the exercises we are going to work on.


Agata, Noelia, Xerach

Present Perfect Revision

Posted: March 31, 2016 in GRAMMAR, Uncategorized
Hi everyone,
5th primary students have started the new unit this week. One of the issues we are going to practise is present perfect simple. Students had already studied it last year, but we are starting with some easy activities like choosing the correct auxiliary verb: have or has, revising irregular verbs. Here are some of the materials I am going to use during my classes and upload them on iTunesU.

Second Conditionals Revision!

Posted: February 17, 2016 in GRAMMAR, Uncategorized


This week 5th primary students have been working on the second conditional. We have done lots of activities from their books and we have also practised it using their iPads. They have not found it very difficult. Here is the link to one of the exercises that I am going to upload  for them on iTunesU.
I hope you will find it useful.