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Learning about perspective!

Posted: February 7, 2018 in ARTS
Hi everyone,
This week third primary are being taught the early stages of perspective in art by placing large objects in the foreground followed by adding smaller ones in the background. Colouring, cutting, gluing and chatting away in English will be thrown in for fun too.

Drawing Landscapes!

Posted: January 26, 2018 in ARTS
Hi everyone,
Fourth primary have been having fun learning how to draw city, beach or mountainous landscapes.
Enjoy it!

Christmas Cards!

Posted: December 11, 2017 in ARTS, Uncategorized
This week fourth primary are fully getting into the festive spirit by designing cute Christmas cards.
Merry (almost) Christmas

Self portray!

Posted: November 24, 2017 in ARTS
Fourth primary have been learning how to easily draw faces with good symmetry.
It’s been fun.

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Light & Shadow

Posted: November 20, 2017 in ARTS, Uncategorized

Hi everyone,

Light and shadow are fundamental aspects of artistic representation, bringing realism and depth to works of art through the ages. Here we see a class begin to explore the concept of the positioning of light sources and the shadows they create. After using hand held lights to simulate the movement of the sun around an object the class now begin to add shadows, depth and detail to their artwork.

Well done everyone!

Peter Goodfellow



Evil Pumpkin Puppets!

Posted: November 1, 2017 in ARTS, FUNNY ACTIVITIES
Hello everyone,
3rd primary have been making evil pumpkin puppets just in time for Halloween.
We all had a great time 🎃

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Halloween Characters!

Posted: October 27, 2017 in ARTS, Uncategorized
Hello everyone,
Fourth primary are currently enjoying the build up to Halloween by drawing their favourite scary characters from books or films.  Annabelle the evil doll has been a firm favourite.

Hi everyone!!

We’re finising the second week of our Art Relief Project in 4 ESO. Our students are doing a great job letting out the great artists in them to produce works of art we’ll exhibit in our school soon. The aim of this project is collecting food to donate to the Food Bank in Gran Canaria. We’ve just done a mannequin challenge video to let you see paert of our work. Do you want to see more? Come, see our Art Gallery and Donate for the Food Bank 🙂

Mª Esther


Life Cycle of a plant!

Posted: February 26, 2017 in ARTS, SCIENCE

This week fourth primary have been learning about the life cycle of a plant in their Science lessons. We teamed up with the art teacher to help inspire their creativity and here you can see the results of this collaboration. The students really enjoyed bringing the different subjects together, working as a team always helps to enhance productive learning.

Karen and James.


Drawing a poinsettia!

Posted: December 19, 2016 in ARTS

Hey all,
This week 3rd primary have been learning how to draw a poinsettia plant, we talked about its colours, shapes and of course how it becomes a popular houseplant over the Christmas period.

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