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Hi folks,
This week we have introduced the third conditional.
Here is an interactive match-up quiz that can be done as a warm-up activity.

Hope you will like it.
Agata, Noelia, Xerach


Hello everyone,

I’ve just come across this great resource for activities related to multiple intelligences and Apps that could be used for each of them. I hope you find them useful and look forward to hearing from your experiences.

Have fun 🙂
María Esther

Much or Many?


Hi everyone,

In the following link, students may do exercises related to much/many. This is one of the exercises that will appear in the writing part and they must be able to see what’s the difference. I hope you may give it a good use!

Noelia, Xerach and Agata

In 2 ESO we are starting to study about human geography.
In the current unit we are learning about how the worlds population is expanding at an alarming rate and some of the reasons why this is happening.

Below is a link to an interesting site that includes a video about how the worlds population has evolved over time.
World Population History

We are also looking at the various methods of analysing population and how it has changed over time.
The students of 2 ESO are utilising their mathematics skills viewing and analysing data as PIE charts, Population Pyramids and Line charts

Enjoy it!


Hi everyone,
In Science this week, the children in 3rd and 4th primary have been looking at the different animal diets. I have found a simple game that should help them to study. Here they have to look at the pictures and identify the animals as carnivores, herbivores or omnivores:

I hope you find it useful!



Hi everyone,

In this unit we have started working on relative clauses. This grammar point will be developed in the following units. We have started with some simple activities. Here is the link to one of the exercises we are going to work on.


Agata, Noelia, Xerach

Optical Illusions

Posted: December 19, 2016 in INTERESTING WEBSITES, IT

This week in sixth primary, we have been looking at various types of optical illusions and we have been trying to figure out the reason why our eyes play tricks on us.
While they were preparing their presentations, the students came across quite a few interesting websites with interactive optical illusions. Here is the link to one of their favourites:

This site has lots of interesting illusions, along with explanations. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Karen and 6th primary.

Hello everyone!

This year we’re preparing a group of students for the IELTS exam. We’ve already started preparing different parts of the test. Now we’re focusing on the writing tasks and we’re starting with writing task 1, which consists of describing a chart. Alto uh it’s not difficult, they aren’t used to doing it, so they need some training. I attach two useful links below to help them with this writing task.

Hope you’ll find them useful!
María Esther

Reading and Adventures

Posted: November 18, 2016 in INTERESTING WEBSITES

Hello, everyone!!
This is 5th grade. It’s been a long time since we sent the first post!! Well, don’t think we’ve been doing nothing: we’ve had lots of things to do, study and practise. But there are not only duties; we need to find time to enjoy doing some activities, just for fun! If you like reading and adventures, here you have a text you’re going to love:
When you finish reading, there are some exercises you can complete (also just for fun!) 😉
Hope you enjoy it!
Post you soon!


Hi folks,

This week our students are working with a great set of Quizlet activities that we have found to practice the writing part of the PET exam. Every Quizlet activity is an opportunity to check our groups understanding, and it’s also fun for them as they play with it.

Here you can find it: