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Happy Halloween!!

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This week in the High group we had a really interesting and fun class where the students showed their sports programmes.

The project they started on last week consisted in making a sports programme for a television channel, where they had to explain the rules of football to a non-technical audience…in English of course!

The final outcome was extremely good in most cases with a lot of originality and evidence of good group work. All the students had a good laugh watching their videos and they all agreed that it had been a very good experience, so we will probably use this format on more occasions.

Patricia Bergström, TAFAD English teacher


Secondary Readers

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This week in Readers from 3 ESO to 2 Bach we concentrated on what one does best with a book, namely reading. The different books we are studying at the moment are as follows:

3 ESO intermediate: an adaptation of “Frankenstein”

3 ESO and 4 ESO advanced: a Roman historical tale set in a background of fact with a fictional story developing around two legends involving the Ninth Legion’s disappearance, hence the title ” The Eagle of the Ninth”

4 ESO intermediate: With this group we are reading a true classic when it comes to detective stories; “Sherlock Holmes short stories”. The story we read this week was “The Patient”, in which Sherlock Holmes is confronted with the cunning minds of a bunch of bank robbers…

1 Bach: with this group we are reading a rather appealing novel set in Switzerland’s beautiful Alps, where a climber is found 74 years after losing his life in a climbing accident. “In the Shadow of the Mountain” the book is called, which in turn has provided us with a good motive to explore the meaning of metaphors.

2 Bach: here we have just finished evaluating the summer reader ” A love for life”. It was interesting to note how this book really didn’t leave anyone untouched as the opinions ranged from boring to excellent. The topic is a rather mature one in that it explores the journey of adopting a child, amongst other side themes.

In the IB we are treating Readers more like Literature and the students are beginning to see the differences in methodology that this entails. In 1 IB we have just started reading “A love for life” and in 2 IB we are exploring the parallels between the Russian revolution and the animal revolt in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.

We will share more of our reading experience as we go along!

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Revising Pronouns

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Hello everyone,
This week we’ll be working on reflexive pronouns in 1 eso. To help them practise I’ve found these llnks with clear explanations and exercises. Hope you’ll fnd them useful and amusing 🙂
All the best,
María Esther

Shadow Puppet!

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This is a great tool for our classes. With Shadow Puppet Edu you can create a tutorial video, in order to explain with photos or even videos, anything yo umight think of.
Take a look at this tutorial video:

Cambridge Practice!

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Hi folks,

In the following website students might reinforce key vocabulary related to a topic they choose. It might be useful to practice KET or PET key vocabulary. They may repeat and practice pronunciation.

I hope you give it a good use!

Halloween is here!

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Hi guys,

Halloween is just around the corner! here are some great videos for your students to watch to help them create wonderful/spooky classroom posters.
Enjoy it!

Revising contents

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Hi folks,

In the following website students can reinforce a big variety of contents with different tests. Check the exercise you want to use in class and correct it directly. It might be useful to reinforce grammar. I hope you give it a good use!


The Mini Page

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Hi everyone,
This is a site with a downloadable PDF which can be used in classes. It is a newspaper for kids and you can download PDFs from as far back as 2 years. There is a Standards of Learning box on the last page which offers activities that can be done outside of the class for homework and presentations.

An example of Standards of Learning

Hope you find it useful!


Revising Basic Grammar

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Hi everyone,

Basics are basics and must never be forgotten. That’s why as thins new academic year takes off we have been revising the basic grammar on which we’ll be building more complex structures. I’ve found this web site very helpful.