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Hi fellows,

In the following link students can reinforce the use of past continuous. It explains how to put emphasis on the course of an action in the past, two actions happeneing at the same time and action going on at a certain time in the past.

Hope you enjoy it!



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this is a video – a song with lyrics by Beyonce ´If I were a boy´. It can be used to practise the second conditional. It helps ss understand grammar and motivates them to use it in an interesting way. Teachers can print the lyrics and make ss underline the sentences in the second conditional.
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We have been studying plant biology in 3rd Primary. One of the experiments was about seed germination. Students planted a bean seed using tissue paper (instead of soil) and a glass jar. The tissue paper was rolled up in a jar and the seed was placed down the side of the jar. Students then watered the seed so that the tissue paper absorbed the water. We waited 20 days and then studied the germinating seed; how has the seed coat changed, which part of the plant grows first. The students concluded that seeds need water, soil (or tissue paper) and sunlight to germinate. The students really enjoyed seeing the seedlings growing. Some of the bean plants were planted in the garden project and are growing well in their new home.

It was great and students had fun at the same time they were learning!:)


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Working on French National Parks

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Hi there,

The pupils of 5th Primary have started this week their next GOTCHA project in French. In this project, students will investigate two French national parks “la Vanoise”and “Les Pyrénées”) and one regional, ”La Camargue”. Students will do some research using Internet and material sent by the tourist offices from the three parks. Each group investigated a different theme: flora, fauna, geography, activities and regulations. At the end a presentation will be done of each topic.

Sure they will enjoy.


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  During this term, our 4th grade students are learning about the different types of houses we can find all over the world, as for example, igloos and caves. We have also learnt about lifestyles depending on the place where people live.  To know more about this topic, we have visited the following website, there you can find a lot of information about houses and their history.

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The GOTCHA project for this term is ‘El Motor del Mundo’. As part of this project, we have been working on mini-projects in class. The first one was about the A Millennium Development Goals. Every student had to choose a goal and write about what the problems, the solutions and our personal contribution could be. Here you are some pictures of some projects. If you want more information, let us know!!!!!
Mini-project 2 was about animals. We had to write a complete file about our favourite wild animal. We had to include:
a)      Classification: (vertebrate / invertebrate, kind, oviparous /viviparous, carnivore / herbivore ;…)
b)      Biome (brief description)
c)       Physical description of the animal
d)      Random facts.
Here you are a picture of the group after finishing the oral presentations.

Yosemite National Park

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In the following link students fill find a 15-minute video related to Yosemite National Park. It can be used to reinforce the key vocabulary from the reading “Yosemite National Park” that is included in the Cornerstone.
Enjoy it!

Carnival is here!

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Hello everyone!!!
                We are 5th B!
This week we are all preparing our wonderful song for the ‘Murga’.  We’ll celebrate Carnival next Tuesday and there are lots of things to do: to finish up the song, practice singing, prepare the costumes.  Here you are some pictures of our class, writing and practicing a little bit. Hope you like them.

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Hi fellows

This week we will have a look at the water cycle as part the project. I’ve used this wonderful animation about this cycle and students added the labels too.

Here you have other useful links for practising changing states: (solid+ liquid) (changing state)

Hope you find it useful!



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Problems with English grammar? Here you have a link that can help you to revise for your exam. Hope you find it useful!