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This term we will be working on different books and doing different projects.

We have just finished with the summer reader evaluations that have, on the whole, shown good understanding of the books. Our students have read about Trolls and ghost stories in 3ESO; Henry VIII and his six wives in 4 ESO; Leonardo da Vinci in 1 Bach and finally about Martin Luther King in 2 Bach. These stories will also be used in our first mini projects.

On 24 October we have our amazing Library Day! And this year it will be devoted to Fantastic Literature in Secondary and we have some great activities lined up… More to come about this closer to the date.

Remember that a book a day, keeps ignorance away!


Readers and Literature 3 ESO-2 Bach/2IB


Hello everyone,
This week fifth primary have been researching all kinds of weird and wonderful things from around the globe, so far they’ve discovered there is an actual tomato fighting sport, somewhere people have to have the same haircuts and carnivorous insects actually exist!
I’m looking forward to hearing all about the others things that they have found too.
What a strange world we all live in.

Creative Writing!

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Hello everyone,
Fifth and sixth primary have been enjoying doing some creative writing, they had to write a short fairytale and then design a book cover for it.

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This term has started with a dip into the fascinating world of multiple intelligences…

Using music to inspire creative writing, feelings and pictures…

Exploring words from the books on the board to get the students to figure out the importance they may have for the plot…

Using coloured pens to create a visual poster of words and pictures evoked by music…

Watching a trailer of the film version of the book we are about to read and relating it to our world knowledge…

Adapting a part of a Shakespeare play to a modern setting and language and acting it out…

Improvising a scene from a play and transferring the setting to a different place and time…

Reading a narrative like a play, taking on different parts and using voice to convey character…

Playing Kahoots to explore symbolism and to learn about different aspects about the book and author…

Thinking up parts of a Shakespeare play as an exit ticket…

Exploring the rural and urban aspects of Kabul in Afghanistan, Verona in Italy and many more places though 360cities where you can visit a place virtually…

Tapping into out fantasy world in a magic forest with fairies and the like…

In short, we have used all our intelligences to explore the pre- reading of our new readers. “What about the Interpersonal and Intrapersonal intelligences”, I hear you ask … well the Interpersonal has been used when working as a group and collaborating and cooperating with the others in class and… the intrapesonal has been explored when letting the music narrate a story in our heads. We will continue to explore these two (and all the others) further by using an amazing app called Seesaw; an online learning journal with adjacent blog. Stay tuned to the next blog entry for more exciting information about our creative world of Readers.

Patricia Bergström

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Hello everyone,
This week sixth primary have been filming fun short videos of themselves reading in small groups.
Next week we will be watching them all to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses on their pronouncation.
Have a nice day!

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Hi everyone,
This week I’m getting third primary to create some fun short stories. This website is stuffed full of fun ways to teach grammar in the easiest ways possible.


Setting Goals for Readers!

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Hi everyone,

We’re back in action in our Readers classes and the year has started in a fun and dynamic way, setting goals that aim for the stars and providing empathy, suggestions and feedback to our peers in how to best reach our goals and keep on track to achieve them. We did this by exploring the expression “aim for the stars to reach the treetops” and then writing down aims for Readers, School in general and our Personal life, for this term. We also added a dream we have in life.

Once this was done, we explored our engineering skills by creating paper aeroplanes with our papers and flying them around the class. Each student picked up an aeroplane that was not their own and proceeded to provide feedback to the person who wrote the aims on that plane. To add a bit of humour, the students had signed their aims using the name of a cartoon character, which meant that we had people walking around calling out for Donald Duck, Scooby Doo and the like!

A warm up activity to the year with hidden benefits that was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students from 3 ESO to 2 BACH.

Now, we’re ready to resume our projects on the different readers… to be continued!

Patricia Bergström

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Winnie the Witch

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Hello everyone,
Sixth Primary have started reading the book “Winnie the Witch”.
After just competing the first chapter they discovered many new and useful words like zoomed, wobble, swerve, grunt, toasty, sprinkle, slurp and knickers (just to mention a few) and how to use them correctly.
We had fun!


On Monday 24th October we celebrated International Library Day and, as 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s birth, the activities we carried out on this day were deliciously influenced by his amazing books, and in particular Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The 1st and 2nd Bach and IB students organised 12 amazing stations where the 1 ESO students had a yummy and entertaining morning mixing different original flavours in melted chocolate to create new tastes, using 4 of their senses to determine what type of unwrapped chocolate bar they were dealing with, trying to guess different types of food while blindfolded, creating wonderful rainbows by putting skittles in water, making the “m” from an m&m float and creating monuments with jelly sweets. For our students who have special diets, we obviously had a special station so that they could take part in all the activities in a safe way.

Not everything had to do with food, though! Our Bach students had also made a space for games and activities based on Roald Dahls different books, characters and plots where our 1 ESO students were challenged in a quiz, had to use their memory to find related pictures, had a go at being the Big Friendly Giant and coming up with new gobblefunk words, became oral story tellers in the Writing Hut Mix Up where characters, settings, actions and plots from different books were mixed up to create new adventures and used their imagination to design new sweets with hilarious powers and spectacular names. Without a doubt the day was a success and Bach students and lower secondary student alike enjoyed themselves thoroughly.



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Summer Readers Projects

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Wow! Time flies! We are already on our fourth week back and immersed in research about various topics. In 3 ESO and 1 Bach we are focusing on Africa while in 2 Bach the research focuses on the title of the summer reader “The Price of Peace”, where we are exploring whether peace has a price and in such case, what this price could, or should, be. In 4 ESO we are focusing on something entirely different. The stories we read over summer are slightly peculiar in nature so we are getting familiar with inferring and reading between the lines, finding out that sometimes the meaning lies more in what is NOT said, than in what is said. In 2 IB the students are brushing up on their political knowledge, researching the Russian Revolution as an important pre-requisite to getting the most out of George Orwell’s famous novel “Animal Farm”.


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