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Activating our brains!

Posted: May 14, 2018 in READERS

In our Readers classes this week we have started on a dynamic note, disinhibiting ourselves and activating our brains. I’ve called the activity 30 seconds and it consists of students using 30 seconds to find a song, another 30 seconds to convince the class that their song is the best so they have to reach a consensus, and then another 30 seconds to find the karaoke version and put it on the Apple TV. Students then sing and dance to the chosen song🎤

Once the song has finished, the students are asked to notice what they just did and become aware of the fact that they managed to take a group decision, reach a consensus, cohese as a group and carry out collaborative group work, and in the process, read lots of English, without any effort!

A fun and dynamic way to start the week or to liven up the atmosphere, preparing for deeper learning.

More coming soon from the Readers dept😉


Readers teacher 3 eso – 2 Bach/2 IB



Hello all,
This week 5th Primary have just started to read “Nixie the bad, bad fairy” great fun was had getting to know new characters and learning new words and phrases.
Well done!

Reading The Magic Brocade

Posted: February 4, 2018 in READERS
Fourth primary have been enjoying writing short stories inspired by the reading book “The Magic Brocade” to share with their classmates this week.

Creating amazing mind maps in 3 ESO

Posted: January 31, 2018 in READERS

This week in Readers, we are learning how to make our work original, interesting and truly amazing. How? you may ask yourselves… We take a chapter in our book “My Teen Life in India”, in this case the chapter called “8th May”, and read it in groups of three students. The task at hand is making a simple mind map…but the CHALLENGE is that the mind maps have to be original, creative and full of ideas. Each group have to make their mind map theirs, something that is even more difficult as they are all working on the same, rather short, chapter. They also have to manage time and decide the format of their mind map. The thinking process has begun…
Here are some photos from the process and hopefully next week, we can share the amazing work they will have done by then.


In second ESO we are continuing the second story in the book “Lord Arthur Sevile’s Crime and Other stories”
As an introduction the students have to match words with pictures.
This introduces the students to new vocabulary in the book and gets them thinking about the forthcoming story.
We had an interesting discussion in class why they had used specific words to describe the person in the picture.
I asked student if they had heard of the expression (idiom) “Don’t judge a book by its cover”
Below is an internet link that explains the expression.
As we will find out in the story the characters aren’t what we expect them to be!


Oxford Learners Bookshelf

Posted: January 21, 2018 in READERS
Hi everyone,
After the long Christmas break, in 1st ESO we have started reading a digital book in the app Oxford Learners Bookshelf.
The first challenge for the students was to learn how to navigate the digital book and to highlight vocabulary they didn’t understand.
The book “Sherlock Holmes Short Stories” is a detective story split into three short stories the first being “The Speckled Band”
A lot of the students found out that the character is in fact fictional even though lot of tourists visit the detectives London home in Baker Street!
The first story is called the speckled band and has kept the students intrigued as to who killed Helen’s sister Julia and how! The story title is a clue as to what killed Helen!
To help with their comprehension we have been completing exercises in the book to follow the plot.
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Hi everyone,

In 1 Bach Adv we are reading this truly wonderful novel and the students are learning how to share their views through literature circles, where they are focusing on themes, characters, the setting and their opinions. They are also learning to listen to each other and to understand different perspectives as well as enhancing their understanding and enjoyment of the book. As they had previously carried out a brief research on Jane Austen, they are also able to pick out some of the biographical aspects that are so characteristic of Austen’s novels.

Patricia Bergström


Hi everyone,

To celebrate library day 1st and 2nd ESO have been doing some fun group projects and presentations about Fantasy children’s books. The student in groups of three or four, had to choose a book that they had read or seen the film. They then researched the story and produced book covers or posters containing information about the author, characters and  a short summary about the book. They presented their work to the rest of class.
Some students created quizzes about the book, which were played by the whole class.

Here you have a few photographs of their presentations.

Well done!


Library Day Poster!

Posted: October 25, 2017 in READERS, SPECIAL OCCASIONS

Hello, everyone!!!

This is 3r grade Primary. How are you doing? We would like to show you in this first post what we have been working on lately….
We have been preparing our Library Day poster. We have worked hard in class, talking about favourite childhood book and our teacher’s and making mini-posters with that information. Finally, we have created this wonderful poster. Hope you like it!

Hi everyone,

Here you are 6thA getting ready for the golden ticket ……..Charlie and the chocolate factory is the book to celebrate the library day !!! It’ s time for chocolate mmmmm🍡🍭