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Posted: October 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

This week in Readers from 3 ESO to 2 Bach we concentrated on what one does best with a book, namely reading. The different books we are studying at the moment are as follows:

3 ESO intermediate: an adaptation of “Frankenstein”

3 ESO and 4 ESO advanced: a Roman historical tale set in a background of fact with a fictional story developing around two legends involving the Ninth Legion’s disappearance, hence the title ” The Eagle of the Ninth”

4 ESO intermediate: With this group we are reading a true classic when it comes to detective stories; “Sherlock Holmes short stories”. The story we read this week was “The Patient”, in which Sherlock Holmes is confronted with the cunning minds of a bunch of bank robbers…

1 Bach: with this group we are reading a rather appealing novel set in Switzerland’s beautiful Alps, where a climber is found 74 years after losing his life in a climbing accident. “In the Shadow of the Mountain” the book is called, which in turn has provided us with a good motive to explore the meaning of metaphors.

2 Bach: here we have just finished evaluating the summer reader ” A love for life”. It was interesting to note how this book really didn’t leave anyone untouched as the opinions ranged from boring to excellent. The topic is a rather mature one in that it explores the journey of adopting a child, amongst other side themes.

In the IB we are treating Readers more like Literature and the students are beginning to see the differences in methodology that this entails. In 1 IB we have just started reading “A love for life” and in 2 IB we are exploring the parallels between the Russian revolution and the animal revolt in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.

We will share more of our reading experience as we go along!

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