Drawing Landscapes!

Posted: January 26, 2018 in ARTS
Hi everyone,
Fourth primary have been having fun learning how to draw city, beach or mountainous landscapes.
Enjoy it!

Students became teachers!

Posted: January 25, 2018 in SOCIAL STUDIES
Hi everyone,
The kids in 5th A  have been teaching their classmates. Each group learnt about one part of the unit “The Middle Ages” : Al-Andalus, Reconquista, Medieval cities… then they explained to the rest of the class .
It was a good experience for them and they enjoyed it.

Blockly games

Posted: January 24, 2018 in CAS ROBOTS
Hi everyone,
here we have a website we have been using in CAS ROBOTS’ lessons in order to develop computational thinking. It might be used for whatever age and they are really funny! The higher you go the more difficult the games are. They really look easy at the beginning but they aren’t. They are definetly a big challenge!
Hope you give it a good use!
Hi everyone,
This week 5th B, has been learning from the Muslim invasion of the Repopulation of Christian Kingdoms. And Abd al-Rahman! Which was the most important city in Al-Andalus? Sharing is just not sharing. Rather exploring and living it! To be continue…


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Hi everyone,

In 6th A and B we are learning about the Industrial Revolution and we find that video were interesting and the kids loved it. It is important to know about the past so we can improve the future 😉.

Noelia and Silvia.


Planting Zucchini

Posted: January 22, 2018 in SCIENCE

Hi everyone,

The new year is a new challenge and we decided to start with all types of zucchini.  Some of us loved them all, so we decided to plant all of them,this month of January.  Its a challenge but it won´t stop us.

Today the wind was blowing but, we decided to go outside anyway. Planting without limit.
Miss Rose

Oxford Learners Bookshelf

Posted: January 21, 2018 in READERS
Hi everyone,
After the long Christmas break, in 1st ESO we have started reading a digital book in the app Oxford Learners Bookshelf.
The first challenge for the students was to learn how to navigate the digital book and to highlight vocabulary they didn’t understand.
The book “Sherlock Holmes Short Stories” is a detective story split into three short stories the first being “The Speckled Band”
A lot of the students found out that the character is in fact fictional even though lot of tourists visit the detectives London home in Baker Street!
The first story is called the speckled band and has kept the students intrigued as to who killed Helen’s sister Julia and how! The story title is a clue as to what killed Helen!
To help with their comprehension we have been completing exercises in the book to follow the plot.
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Creating our Apps

Posted: January 19, 2018 in IT

Hi everyone!

Here we have a sample of the new apps we are starting to create with 2nd Bach in IT. We are using App Inventor programming environment to create apps for Android devices (there will be an IOS version realeased soon) and we’ll keep you informed about our progress and future apps. Hope you enjoy it!



Hi everyone,
In the Advanced group of TSAFAD we are currently trying out the Oxford test of English that is a computer based level exam in English up to level B2.
The students had a great time creating while they all spoke with the computers, each one with their headphones and microphones. Definitely a new experience!
Now we’ll continue with the Reading and Writing to see how they get on with this new format.

TSAFAD Advanced Group of English

Ancient Civilisations

Posted: January 18, 2018 in SOCIAL STUDIES

Hi everyone,

During this term 4th primary students will learn about mythology and ancient civilisations. They are going to read myths and fables as well as get to know some ancient civilisations (Greek, Roman, Egyptian).
This week they have watched the video showing them different Greek gods and goddesses. Here is the link to the video:
Hope you will like it.