Hello all,
This week 5th Primary have just started to read “Nixie the bad, bad fairy” great fun was had getting to know new characters and learning new words and phrases.
Well done!

Crazy Collocations!

Posted: May 8, 2018 in GRAMMAR

Hi everyone!
Sometimes the English language is a bit confusing 😉 is it have or make a party? Do you do or take a photo? Do you do or make an effort? We’ve been working on the different collocations with the verbs take/have/do/make and as it wasn’t that clear, we decided to represent it visually. Some groups did a Venn diagram on the notebook, others did it on their iPad to represent them. Here’s the result. Hope it helps to clear  these collocations.


Mª Esther

Hello, everyone!
This is 3rd grade. How are you doing? We are fine and learning a lot of things. We have some questions for you: Where would you like to live? Think big: What about living on another planet? It’s not possible by now but…what about if you could ‘design’ and create your own planet? Imagination is really powerful and we have created our own planets. Here you are pictures of what we have drawn. Soon, we’ll post some of the descriptions. You will really love living there….


Posted: May 7, 2018 in SCIENCE
In fourth primary we took to the outdoors to finish off our ecosystems projects in the open air. Once we got back to the classroom, each group presented their findings to the rest of the class.

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Hi everyone,
This week kids in 5th and 6th primary have been learning about the Solar System and the Structure of the Earth. They’ve met Dr. Binocs and his show whose videos helped them understand those topics more easily…and they learn while having fun!
Here is the link.
I hope you enjoy it too.


Hi everyone,
The final 2nd term project which has been presented recently is about the ancient civilisations: the ancient Greek, the Roman and the Egyptian. The topics chosen by the students were, for example, the hieroglyphics, the mummies, Greek gods and goddesses, the mythology, the Colosseum etc. The kids had lots of fun and they learnt a lot about the ancient civilisations. They also prepared questions and games for their classmates.
Well done everyone!

Programming in html5

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This week we have been  programming a few lines in html5 with 2nd Bach. Learning the basics about websites, how to edit them and work with them with professional tools like Atom. If you want to learn something else about coding html5 go to www.sololearn.com, register and have a look at the courses they’ve got!

Hope you give it a good use!

Ecosystem Projects

Posted: March 15, 2018 in Uncategorized
This week in primary four, we took our projects outside to work in the fresh air. We have been looking at the different kinds of terrestrial ecosystems and the plants and animals that live in each one

In order to celebrate International Women’s Day last 8th March, our Y11 & Y12 students did a treasure hunt around the school using QR Codes. They got very interesting information about women situation around the world and completed the hidden message. Afterwards, they created a board with different statistics about women situation followed by an interesting discussion. They did a great job!

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Creating our songs!

Posted: March 12, 2018 in MUSIC

Hi everyone,

Here we can see music students from the percussion group working on their own original compositions on their iPads. Once students have developed a few song ideas they will share their favorite with the group for discussion.

Peter Goodfellow