Human impact on the environment

Posted: June 7, 2017 in SOCIAL STUDIES

Hi everyone,

In 2nd ESO we are learning about how we humans have had an impact on the environment.

Examples can be in many forms:
1) Modifying the natural landscape, deforestation, agriculture and urban growth.
2) Environmental pollution, atmospheric, water and soil pollution.
3) The impact of population growth and urban spread.

Students are producing projects on a environmental issue of their choosing.
Firstly they are assessing what the problem is and understanding the consequence of doing nothing about it (why it matters).
Secondly they are researching who, or what is causing the environmental issue.
Lastly they are thinking about what they can do to improve or solve the issue. Whether it be in the form of direct action for example recycling, or indirect action i.e. raising awareness to the public or government organisations.

The following thought provoking video is an example about how the choices of an individuals travel arrangements can impact the environment.





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