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Hi everyone,

Last week we did our first controversy in the class of 4 ESO. The topic? Natural vs synthetic pigments in food. I know, it doesn’t sound really something you’d be passionate about…however, things are not always what they seem at the beginning. This is one of those cases. The groups that had to be defending artificial pigments were a bit down as they thought they wouldn’t find convincing arguments to back up their position. As they started to look for arguments they got more and more excited, they all grouped to pool their findings and came up with a quite sound list of arguments. The debate started, it was great, they were really engaged in discussing and defending their cases. Surprisingly, some groups decided that synthetic pigments were better at the end of the debate! This activity is really engaging and motivating! Just have a look at the pics, an image is worth thousand words!

MÂȘ Esther