Presenting Projects in German Lessons

Posted: March 10, 2016 in GERMAN, Uncategorized
Hi everyone,
The students of the 4 ESO presented their projects during this week.
In projects, they were to choose one of three topics: money, weather
and holidays. They compared three aspects in groups. We have seen what
the weather in Finland and Sahara is like and we learned how much
money earn stars like One Direction, Leonardo DiCaprio and others.

In dieser Woche haben die Schüler der 4. Klasse ihre Projekte
präsentiert. Sie konnten von drei Themen wählen: Geld, Wetter und
Feiertage. In Gruppen haben sie drei Aspekten verglichen. Wir haben
das Wetter in Finnland und Sahara gesehen und wie viel Geld verdienen
One Direction, Leonardo DiCaprio und andere Stars gelernt.

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