Child Cancer Awareness Day

Posted: February 18, 2016 in CAS, Uncategorized

Hi folks.

As always our IB students are busy bees, and they are always involved in some kind of interesting experience involving creativity, activity or service. Right now our 1IB students are immersed in a wonderful gardening project, where they are designing an ecological garden that can later be used to do workshops with the other students in the school. You can see in the pictures that there is still a lot to be done, but little by little we will soon have an amazing green space to enjoy.

This week we also had Child Cancer Awareness Day and our 1IB students made some lovely bookmarks that they sold together with bracelets in order to raise money for the Spanish Cancer Asociation (AECC).

Since our 2 IB students have been busy doing their mock exams, they have had less emphasis on CAS experiences in school these last 2 weeks, but they are carrying out their individual activities that range from helping out at a dog shelter to singing.

 Patricia Bergström, CAS Coordinator

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