Posted: February 9, 2016 in CAS, READERS

Happy February!

Here is a little update about what we have been working on in my subjects.

In English Readers, the students in the advanced group of 3 ESO have been presenting their projects on “Death of an Englishman”. The projects have been designed entirely by the students and we have enjoyed a wide display of different formats: imovies, Kahoot quizzes, summary presentations in Keynote to name but a few.

 In the Intermediate group we have re-invented Robinson Crusoe producing our own versions basing them on keywords from the story and we are now working in groups on reading and understanding the chapters. Each chapter has a different task attached to the reading and this week we have done a drawing representing chapters 4&5. Let’s see what adventures chapters 6& 7 will take us on!

 In 1 IB and 2 Bach we are working on the process and product in Literary Analysis, basing our analysis on the book “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”. We have explored the importance of drafting and re-drafting, of letting a writing rest before checking it and co-editing with a partner. We are now in the last stages of the process so we should hopefully soon see some amazing products.

In 4 ESO we have started to prepare a play on Dr.Jekyl and Mr Hyde in the Advanced group, and to explore what we know about Sherlock Holmes and Sir Conan Doyle in the Intermediate group.

 In 2 IB we are exploring “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” paying attention to the Author’s Voice and to how the author manages to portray the world through the nine-year-old Bruno’s eyes.

 1 Bach Intermediate group are working on a Digital version of a Sherlock Holmes book called “The Sign of Four” which is proving very entertaining as we can listen to the chapters on our own iPads while reading and the activities in the “book” self correct so we can use them as a dynamic summary. In the Advanced group we are starting to work on a new book about a 15-year old girl in Afghanistan so the pre-reading project has consisted of exploring what the political, economic and social aspects of this country are like.

 In Ciudadanía in 2 ESO we are continuing to explore the topic of Human Rights and dignity through different means. Apart from our coursebook, we have also watched a film called “El Bola” and discussed different aspects of Human Rights and Dignity in relation to what the main character is experiencing. We have also read an article on Child Labour in Pakistan which has led us to the project we are currently working on which involves exploring different forms of Child Abuse and violations of the Children’s Rights.

 Our TSAFAD students have also been busy these last few weeks doing presentations involving role-playing real life situations that they could find in their professional life. This last project involved the students pretending to be part of a Hotel Animation Team and preparing activities for a set audience. In the Advanced group we have also been working with audiovisual input as our prompt. A particularly entertaining activity was carried out with the group in two rows; one with their back against the TV and the others facing it. The students facing the TV had to describe what they were watching to their partners who then had to re-tell what they understood. After the activity we all watched the video clip with audio to check how well we had understood our partner’s explanations. Another interesting activity we have done in conjunction to audiovisual input, speaking and listening has been to write the audio script for a mute animated short and then dubbing the film accordingly. The students really enjoyed this activity and we had quite a few laughs while sharing the versions.

That’s all folks!

Patricia Bergström


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