Posted: November 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

In Ciudadanía, or Citizenship, we have been exploring who we are in different places starting from who we are in the classroom, moving to who we are in the school and finally who we are at home. The students made presentations about the places that had made a mark on who they are in school with many of them including photos of the infants playground or dining area, as that is where they started to be who they are in this school. We then moved on to bring something that has special value from home, and some of the students decided to bring their little brother along to take part in the presentation. Others focused on special places at home and some on their pets.

Over all we all learnt a lot about each other and through this started to get to grips with what this subject is about. An interesting aspect of this subject in 2 ESO is that it is taught completely bilingually, as the coursebook is in Spanish but we spend most of the lesson communicating in English.

Patricia Bergström


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