Balloons for critical thinking and the four skills

Posted: November 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

In the Advanced English group of the TSAFAD we gave the four skills a creative approach by using a critical thinking game with balloons as the basis for reading, listening, speaking and writing. Divided into pairs, the students had to follow instructions written on the board, in order to carry out an activity with the aim of keeping as many baloons in the air at the same time. The activity requires communication and strategy work from the team members in order to be successful so plenty of thinking went on in the classroom. Once they had finished this activity they had to describe what they did in writing, and then come up with more activities that could be carried out with balloons and explain these to their peers. As a fun end to the lesson, the students had to come up with the best way to pop the balloons without using a sharp object and in pairs they competed to see who had the best strategy.

Patricia Bergström

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