Castles with a splash of colour

Posted: June 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone,

Third primary have been learning all about castles and how in the Middle Ages people used to live in villages or small towns around them, they also learnt that they were invented to give the villagers protection and accommodation in case of war.

They had to create their own castles firstly by completing a painting in their art books and then progressing on to designing technical drawings of indestructible fortresses which would be their very own imaginary kingdoms, we used the reading book “Why do bridges Arch?” which has educated them on many interesting facts about architecture from the importance of digging a foundation so a building won’t sink into the ground, then on to the creative process of towers and arched structures that give buildings unique styles. We also looked at the reading book “The Cracow Dragon” which is all about a horrid dragon that terrorizes the townsfolk that end up seeking refuge in a castle, this book was extremely useful at inspiring the students so they could add some fun creative touches to their masterpieces, some drew dragons flying over the castles whilst others sketched battles being fought in the front grounds and then the more peace loving students chose to draw stunning landscapes with mountains, trees, flowers and rainbows surrounding their castles.

The students and I thoroughly enjoyed these lessons.

James Litchfield and 3rd Primary A & B

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