Creative Projects on Books

Posted: June 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone,

This term we have focused on Creative Projects on the books we have been reading with some amazing results. In 3 and 4 ESO the students were set the task of planning, organising and carrying out a project on the second term reader entirely of their choice. They had complete freedom to choose what they wanted to do the project on and how to present it with the sole guidelines of the project being that it had to be creative, original, in relation to the book in question and that there had to be evidence of some effort in their work. This particular project also included an interesting app called Aurasma,with which the students then linked their projects to parts of the book using augmented reality. The whole project has been a success and the vast majority of the students expressed that they had thoroughly enjoyed this way of working. The results were absolutely amazing! It is such an enriching experience to see the level of work that can be produced when the students are given a certain amount of freedom. Despite some students feeling a bit lost at the beginning, once they set their creativity loose, they produced everything from handwritten posters with beautiful drawings to iMovie video clips starring themselves as the characters, trailers of an imagined film version of the book or even invented talk shows with interviews with the characters.

Enjoy it!


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