Readers Lesson!

Posted: March 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

In Readers we are currently using different games and activities to work on comprehension. In 3 ESO intermediate group for example, we used the 10 second game to add a competitive element to the comprehension activity. The students were split up into two teams and had to look for answers to questions in 10 seconds. We had lots of fun and by the end of the lesson we started having a clearer view of what was going on in A Puzzle for Logan.

In 4 ESO advanced group the students are researching aspects relating to Malaysia and its culture as this is where The Best of Times? is set.

1and 2 IB are both working on The Catcher in the Rye in different ways, while engaging in extensive reading at home. 2 IB also gave some fabulous presentations on a theme of their choice analysed in the light of the book and in 1 IB the group of trainee teachers Natalia, Aris, Daniela, Matilde and Pino had a go at leading the class with a selection of very entertaining activities to help the students with the understanding of the different themes The Catcher in the Rye venture into. Well done to trainees and students alike for their efforts 🙂

The readers classroom is also beginning to look good with students’ work on the wall as well as posters relating to reading and literature, and the students seem to like their new Readers space. A novelty that we will soon show pictures of is the “writable” wall where we aim to add literary quotes, interesting aspects from the books we are reading and recommended reading.

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