Readers Session!

Posted: January 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone,

These first weeks in Readers, from 3 ESO – 2 Baccalaureate/ 2IB, we have been working on our creativity both orally and in writing. Using Rory’s Story Cubes, which are sets of nine dice with six pictures on each, we have been creating stories which with practice have got better and better. After warming up our story telling skills by telling each other stories in groups, we then made collective stories that we recorded in voice memo or similar programmes, and wrote as a joint piece of creative writing. The vast majority of students really enjoyed this creative activity and some of the writings that have come out of this story telling activity are truly wonderful. The story cubes can also be accessed as an app for iPads for those interested ( Rory’s Story Cubes).

With some of the students in 3 and 4 ESO we also embarked on guided fantasies to open up our creativity even more. On this occasion the students were taken on two guided fantasies, each resulting in an imaginative piece of creative writing. Some students found it more difficult than others to let go of conventions, but with a bit of prompting they all managed to produce great work. For some students the activity pushed the creativity button to such an extent that they almost didn’t want to stop writing when the class was over!

Well done to all of you for dipping into that vast and amazing territory of your mind called imagination. We’ll intercalated more creative activities during the term as they are a very effective tool to improve in all skills.

Patricia Bergström

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