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Our Greenhouse!

Posted: April 25, 2014 in FUNNY ACTIVITIES, SCIENCE

Hi everyone,

Here are some photos of the greenhouse activity. I’m am proud to say it’s looking amazing. Thank you to all my little student helpers, James and the gardener we now have beautiful organic products including lettuce, tomatoes, courgettes and radishes. Of course as always more help is welcome if any other students want to join the activity.



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Posted: April 25, 2014 in FUNNY ACTIVITIES

Hi folks,

We are going to be looking at “feelings” with the TAFAD students, and there’s a very good and funny video  by Sesame Street on the internet about that.
An activity might be to write down all the different feelings that they can listen to.
Enjoy it!

Hi everyone,

Our students are learning about irregular verbs during this term so, as they need to practice, I recommend you to visit these websites you can find useful for this purpose. Students will enjoy irregular verbs if they practice them through online activities.

Hope you enjoy it!



Hi everyone,
In the following website students can build stories in a different way. It might be a nice way of practising writing, specially for lower courses.
Sky will guide you thru the steps in planning and writing a story.
At each step, choose a leaf and click on it. I hope you give it a good use!

Hello there,

As you must know social networks are incredible tools to improve English. Facebook can provide resources such as videos, posts, listenings, etc. Surfing the internet I found the Top Facebook Pages for English Language Teachers in which you can find quite a few ideas and resources as I mentioned before. You just need to log in with your facebook account.

Here you have the link with the list of websites.

Good luck!!