Different Endings!

Posted: November 26, 2013 in ACTIVITIES IN THE CLASSROOM
Hi everyone!
In 2 eso, this week we’ve just finished our term reader “Bullring kid and country cowboy”. As the story didn’t finish as we expected, we decided to write an alternative ending. These were the three most voted endings. Which one do you like most?
Story ending
By Carolina:
3 years had passed since the last time Fizza and Flecher saw each other. But for both now is time to go to university. When they went to the university they met again.
-OH MY GOD- said Fizza.
– FIZZA! – shout Flecher.
They ran to hug themselves and suddenly kissed.
By Beatriz :
“I have decided to return to Sark” he said.
“Why” replied Fletcher.
“Birmingham is not for me, son” Richard told him
“It might not be for you but it really is for me” His anger was showing at this moment, everyone could feel it.
Fizza was about to cry, she didn’t like this situation between Fletcher and his dad even though, she knew that the horses were in danger in Birmingham. But Fizza liked him and felt for him, she loved him, feeling those teen butterflies in her stomach that made her heart melt.
“He can’t return to Sark, Richard. I love him and i don’t want to be just friends. Don’t do this to me, please.”
Fizza felt embarrased but at the same time she felt how she lost weight from her chest. Eveyone was shocked, staring at both of them, you can say their jaw was on the floor while Fletcher was staring at her with his most honest eyes. Fizza stood up and ran across the living room, leaving them alone with a tear streaming down her red and flushed cheeks.
Fletcher followed her and grabbed her by her wrist while turning her around.
“I love you too” he said while planting a kiss on her lips in a soft, sweet and gently way.
By Karina:
After an hour of journey Fletcher realised that he was in love with Fizza. But it was too late now. In Sark he phoned Fizza every night and they spoke for a long time. When Fletcher became 20 years old he decided to go to study in Birmingham. He stayed in Fizza’s house and they lived happy ever after.
Have fun,
María Esther



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